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Happy new year it's going to be back in the mix. And I'm just thankful that the folk could express but didn't rename the contest this year. Bludgeon the host because. I got beat up the opening leadoff spot. But they kept me at the top the batting order will do better this time around I've got the racist selected. So you have to go to express dot com. And check that out later today. Foreign Gulfstream four from Santa Anita. I'm gonna keep an even split and cross our fingers and see how we do. I'm gonna play a little strategy though. I gotta tell you trying to build a lead run out the clock. You'll figure it out. He sees fit. I I can I can envision the concept, and you know. The host. You know, you're at this major disadvantage, you put your picks up there and everybody what they need, you know. And I can't make a change. I don't get to look at the weather. I don't get the look who's hot and not you know, and how things play out. So I'm gonna fit disadvantage in his my Haiti cap was a little askew last year. Anyway, I'm gonna see strategy doesn't pull me to the finish line this done. Well, it it's a bit of a it's a bit of a mixed blessing to some degree because you know, if you do really well, you feel good about your your handicapping prowess. But in the meantime, to be honest, we want the we want the account holders to to do well at the qualify for the championship. And and you know, to honestly, we kinda wanna get be we want to do. Well, maybe hit three out of eight feel good about yourself. But then, you know, you're you're you're happy for people to best your total. Lack here. I like wave the blanket is the boost charged by. Everybody. We're gonna fight harder. We're gonna do better this time around guarantee that, but yeah, you're right. I mean, you you want people to have shots, but also have a little pride in there too. It's a fun contest. You know, you get a chance to sweep the host and get all the way through if you can beat all eight hosts over the course of January and February there's bonus money involved in that fifty thousand dollars in prizes. Overall, go out there. Reclaim winters down the season totals. Good lineup host too. I know you'll be involved a little bit later on in the season queens who you have on later. He he's part of it. Ron Nicoletti done in Florida Millie ball. Jeff siegel. John white. I'm forgetting somebody else amongst the eight in their office off of my head. But really good lineup of folks and fun challenge to hopefully, we'll have some fun with it on social media and banner back and forth get involved, and and thing I like about this contest, and and versus some others. It goes right in the Pera mutual pool. You know, you're making a five dollar win wager. If you bet five bucks and get twenty seven. Back. It's twenty seven dollars in your account. If you lose it that five dollars went in the pair of mutual pool in somebody else's getting their hands on it. And to me, that's the way content should be played well fifteen hundred dollars to the winner each week seven fifty for second to fifty for third and everybody that beats those then qualifies for the twenty five thousand dollar championship on March second, you mentioned the the sweep the host bone is one thing that's amazing because Johnny and I go over the results each Monday and it over the years in the time that beat the host has been played. And this is one of the most popular express bed tournaments of you know, of the year it, it's amazing. How the players how how many have? Made it each year. The number increases there's a bigger group that whittles down toward the beat the host bonus. I mean, we first started it there would be pretty much. Everybody would be eliminated by about week four or five..

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