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Dan Schwartzman joins us so Dan O man city or no, I'm sorry it's man you struggling in the Champions League, not man city, right? No, you had it right. Man city was a strong man, you so bad they didn't even make the Champions League. They're playing in the Europa League, my friend. That's what I thought. Yeah, yeah, man use far from being there, but don't worry, city is there, but they did struggle today. They did need a late goal and a beautiful one dug from Ellen Holland in the 84th minute to get past Russia Dortmund two to one at home at the Etihad, meanwhile. The event is continues to struggle. They lose two to one to Benfica at Allianz stadium in Turin elsewhere Real Madrid getting to a goal to shut out RB Leipzig two nil, PSG beats McIntyre behind for three to one Napoli gets three second half goals. They knock off rangers three zero Chelsea playing Salzburg to one ultra. That was grandpa's debut as blues manager. AC along with the three to one win over dinamo Zagreb, shotgun Donetsk and south again to the one ultra. They played that match in Poland while Copenhagen and Sevilla played twist squirrely straw. Baseball scoreboard local teams in action bottom two Baltimore, a one nothing lead over Washington, bottom of the first, the cubs already leading the mets at Citi Field 6 to nothing, bottom two Yankees and Boston are scoreless coming up later. Atlanta loses at San Francisco four to one coming up later, it's Oakland at the Texas Rangers. Two big names will be missing Thursday nights, Kansas City Chiefs, LA chargers game in Kansas City LA wide receiver Keenan Allen has been ruled out with a hamstring injury that he suffered in the Chargers week one win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Chiefs, meanwhile, they'll be without their kicker Harrison bucker, he is nursing an ankle injury. I'm Dan Schwartzman that

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