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And that's where we're working through the process so we wanna get we. We made the commitment. We put a half a million dollars in to To get this process started. There's a lot of questions and a lot of Pieces of puzzle that we wanna fit together. We wanted to work. Wanted to be sustainable. We wanted to be sustainable. Not only in a financial egg. We wanted to be sustainable by support throughout the community. So it's it's a it's a so those all of those pieces of how it would work. I mentioned you need judy. In oregon in nineteen years it was a totally separation. During those years they built more and more connections with police after nineteen is it started to become a joint effort. And it's twenty four seven. They save the money but that is that was through a long period of of experience. So we'll looking for experience from dallas and denver and rochester new york and other places that are starting to look at this as to what is the right fit for our community to ensure that the strong support throttle community for this that we can get the dollars and hopefully see dolls from other places and we wanna make sure it works in a way that protects everyone inoculating so those i mean those are. There's not a clear answer but we are. We're right now in the middle of working with came on several weeks ago to To help us navigate all of that. I it was interesting. We met with the consultants last week and Chicago nine hundred thousand dollars aside to stop to explore this City of chicago size of chicago. We put a half a million dollars. Half a million dollars is the first step of trying to create. What we believe can be a a win for everyone but we wanna do it right and so those those challenges in questions we want to get the answers to as we kind move through this and in how to move forward and make this app you were talking about atomic gay mayor. Thomas mcgee from Lynn you know a mayor. I'm sure you Have studied my history and the cambridge city council where i retired after one term which i assume is what is guiding your decision after one term as mayor distended to step down maybe gays laughing as well he should i should say he's got a long career in politics to the people who are running to succeed. You support this program across the board. I hope or is it at risk in this next election. well the council. The council voted unanimously to keep in the budget. They have the option to.

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