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Excuse me so. A lot of people have been wondering. Why did you in bethany on follow each other on instagram. Good question followed me. And i was like well. Why don't wanna follow someone who doesn't follow me a friend so i just said okay. Well i don't. I don't even keep up with the there. You go smattering. you will not be. I'm big shot season two. Then i imagined when was last talk. Rejects okay she like. I don't know she does involve a lot of people. I'm kyle all. Can i ask you. Can i ask you a question. Kyle about another relationship that i've had questions about obsessed about puppy gate and i know how this all went down but have you and lisa talked after that whole thing went. Oh my god are you kidding me paul. We're going to have to gonna for this poll guard. I'll do a google search because every week there's there's circling each other in beverly hills. They keep showing up at the same restaurants. And it's a lot. It's a whole lot of stuff. But i'll summarize it and say no. They have not spoken. I think i need to get on my roller for this myself. There you yeah exactly exactly. Yeah by the way. i don't follow. Any of the house is on instagram. Because if i did it would be like a one hundred. It would be like fifty more people to follow ended. 'cause you can't follow all of you know so anyway. I told you you got in trouble. This say kyle. I said you really only want to follow some of us and not would get in trouble. Exactly be bad. Let's go back to the audience. The gentlemen in square number three on top rocco with the goatee. Hello sir hi hi. How are you good are you. You're kind of my question is for. Kyle your recent high kyle. You're recently reprised. Her role as lindsey wallace in halloween kills. What was it like going back to your roots or two years later. It was incredible. It was such a great experience of filming in north carolina. And doing i'm lee with jamie. Lee curtis again. After all of these years it was amazing. And i'm really excited even though it got pushed back a year because of the pandemic. It's going to be released this october in theater so it's really exciting. That's great that's gonna be a huge hit. Paul you're you're saying sorry. Go ahead kyle. You're seeing that. So he michael myers is did not die in that fire in the first one. That ankle myers back for hollowing. Kill jila wall. Paul your podcast. How did this get made is about terrible movies. Tammy from north. Carolina said in your opinion. What is the worst movie ever made. That hit it big. Oh that's a really haven't hit it. Big it's so rare. That's a big success. I would say. Look if you're gonna put it in this it's not so fun. But the transformer movies are just they're almost unwatchable but they make ten billion dollars. I mean i. But i mean if you're going to go with something that i feel like will bring like Will like bring me like happiness to you. Have to watch a movie Called the miami connection about a bunch of ninjas rock band who are stopping cocaine trafficking in orlando florida. That's a movie or tippi. Hedren chen her and her whole family in a movie about real. Lions attacking them called roar insane. Melanie griffith got mauled by a tiger. In this movie it's crazy. Wow those are some good. I'd like to throw forrest gump into the. Oh yeah you're right. Let's take down forrest gump. That movie is trash. We can admit it now right what i saw that movie and a screening and i was like. Oh my god poor tom. Hanks yeah there's so many of those. Oh my god. I want to thank kyle richards and paul scheer. The show is black monday sundays..

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