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And I'm a registered and licensed dietitian. I graduated from my nutrition program in Canada over thirty years ago. I'm not even gonna say how many more than thirty at this point. So I guess you could call me a very season dietitian. Actually, I prefer people think of me as having a lot of life experience, and a genuine understanding that changing your eating habits really doesn't come easy to the majority of people throughout the years. I've seen many diets recommended for weight loss and for heart health, and those are no longer considered safe today. So one of those diets that is now considered unsafe for most people is that low fat and high carb diet joining me today as our co host this morning is JoAnne right out. Who is also a registered and licensed dietitian and also graduated from her nutrition program, many years ago to hand how many years ago has it been for you? Yes, you're right. Many years ago more than thirty. Just like you. So I also have a lot of experience helping people with their nutrition over the years and Carolyn you mentioned that in the past twenty five to thirty years, we've seen so many different diet recommendations for both weight loss and heart health, and for many of you. I'm sure you were told to eat low fat and high carb foods to lower your cholesterol numbers. Unfortunately, we have found that really didn't work even as a dietitian for many years. I was also told that low fat high carb eating would lower my cholesterol tried to implement that. But in reality, my numbers continually climbed on that type of eating plan. So if you're confused we totally understand I truly believed in the low fat and high carb diet back then and was shocked when my cholesterol numbers kept climbing. Yes. So today, we really want to clear up some of those myths. And misconceptions about cholesterol and help you understand what those numbers really mean. That's right. And also good to know by the by the way, when I did change my diet and started eating real natural fats, and then cut out the bread pasta. Some of the high whole grains, my cholesterol levels began to lower. So I was able to get off my statin drug, then I had more energy fewer aches and pains. So listeners if you have a copy of your blood test results or you can.

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