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Of heat wave heating and cooling welcome back to the air experts radio show I'm Pat Donovan I'll tell you what I've learned so much in a half an hour that I almost feel like an air expert but I'm not and your probably not to and that's why your air conditioning system is probably not running as efficiently and and maybe potentially not even correctly like it should be but that's why we have our expert we have Dan Billingsley with us to make sure that a first mine I'm selfish I'm gonna get my AC working with them but also to make sure that you can't as well if yours is not where it should be damned we talked a lot about duct work in the last segment but I really want to kind of let that hit home for people because I don't think people really understand if you were explaining to me during the break dock work really is the cause of so many issues that people deal with with their systems and it yeah actually it's it's one of the the biggest underlying causes of a lot of lot of lot of problems in our systems about ninety five percent of homes around the area have older broken severely undersized ductwork that don't fit with today's today's equipment US air flow rates your days of Quitman runs a lot differently than systems that fifteen twenty twenty five years ago in on this causes a lot of premature damage to your new equipment and causes high electric you know I mean so that's why it's such a big big point of our inspection is to inspect that dock work it's crazy and right to have a brand new system to have a brand new air conditioning unit and you're just restricting how long it's gonna last and how well it's going to work with the duct work right yeah all the ductwork that's up in the attic you know one thing is that you know flexible ductwork only has a twenty year lifespan in our climate realistically if your dog works over twenty five years old they need to be inspected and a lot of times are going to have to be replaced in order for your system to run properly too you know one thing about you know you're leaking ductwork is there's there's a way I can describe it to people you know if you were to take a five gallon bucket drill a bunch of holes in it filled up with water and you carry it from one end to your house to the other by the time you get to the other end of the house how much water you think is gonna be in that left in that bucket and what kind of problem you think you're gonna have so we're dealing with how's that maybe is cool but it's taking a lot longer to cool I would imagine Dan that it should and also it's costing us a lot more to call that I should write yeah and you know what happens is your lot of time share catchers on one side of the house and then you have them bedrooms or whatever it's typically up most the time it's a bedroom on the far side of the house and that you don't doesn't cool properly at night you know people are uncomfortable and I did you don't that's because by the time the hair gets down there it loses so much of it towards the attic there's not much left to cool at room and unfortunately people really notice those problems when they're sleep at night because that's when they spend the most time you know in those in those rooms so I've got another email question here from Liz and braiding ten she wants to her system she says it's only a couple years old and it's under warranty so why should she have to spend the money to have maintenance done if it's great if it breaks down it's covered right well sometimes you don't may that's actually is required by every single manufacturer and it's in every single AC manufacturers warranty paperwork it's in the fine print you know unfortunately we've seen in the past you don't several large warranty claims not be be approved because the customer wasn't able to provide you know proof that they've had their system maintained the last couple years I kind of goes back to that that car deal I talked about earlier you know if you go buy a brand new car you never change the oil in that motor blows do you really think you're going to get that motor covered under warranty absolutely not in the same thing in your AC gets dirty just like your oil in your car right Dan because yeah you know we may be brand new when you buy it but we we all go outside look at our units we know the stuff gets down in there in the fan when it's not running or even sometimes when it is running we have the lizards get inside and unfortunately sometimes lose their lives in there I mean we know there's so many things that can get in your unit and really kind of cause it to not work correctly or not work officially and when you can get that cleared up when you can find out what that is and make sure that all those things are working correctly for under thirty for under forty dollars at thirty nine dollars with this fifty eight point eight tune up he'd be a fool not to dance yeah you know it's really amazing how dirty your AC can get in a in just a few months six months to a year people don't realize that a dirty AC you know it causes their high utilities it causes premature breakdowns you don't I mean and then on top of that if it doesn't provide the level of comfort that you're paying your electrical your lectured bill for you know a clean AC runs so much better than a dirty one yeah there's there's no question about that and and Dan this is Dan Billingsley we have with us today he is our expert here on the air experts radio show he is the president of heat wave heating cooling and plumbing and tell us why heat wave is such a trusted brand in this community white why you guys have been you've been here for over a decade servicing the Tampa Bay area why people know you know the people that have been with you for a long time they know they can trust you they know that you're reliable anytime they need you since two thousand nine you know we've done you know a ton of installations in the area actually we've done over three thousand we've serviced thousands of customers in the last several years our technicians are fully trained we are you know our office we have full call center with live life call center reps you know able answer your phone call seven days a week you don't so that way we can you know when you've got of mercy break that we want to make sure we get out there as fast as possible you know you're not leaving a message on somebody's answering machine you know and that that gets a lot of a lot of peace of mind don't they know we're going to answer the phone to call and listen to this is Florida all right this is a very very different climate than a lot of the country a lot of us stand I'm not a Floridian okay a lot of us we're not you lifelong Floridians are like endangered species okay there's not a lot of and a lot of us don't really understand the climate even when we've been here for a while but what's great Dan is being modest it with what he's doing he's not telling you he's third generation he's been here a long time is family understands this climate and that Lee is important when it comes to servicing your AC unit isn't them yes it is you don't the one thing is you don't realize your AC goes out in July or June or August when you know when the humidity is through the roof I mean it it only takes a you know a couple hours in your spouse gets pretty uncomfortable you know almost some people too on controlled a bear so I want to touch on something else that we got into a little bit earlier because I think that this is important as well we have an email question about somebody would have their unit about six years and they have a technician tell them Hey I might it might just be time to replace it if in less it's an extreme case unless there's something that's that's really gone wrong inside of the unit or maybe you haven't done any maintenance right that's just that's way too early there's no reason any AC unit should be ever replaced that early if it's been correctly maintained right damn all correctly maintained on top of correctly installed you know unfortunately we see we see so many times that Erica she's just been slapped in there it wasn't designed properly size for the house the ducks system doesn't match the AC you know today's newer AC's specially you know within the last five to seven years the air flow you know I might start talking all technical here but they're full of air flow is designed differently we like don't talk to us ma'am those twenty twenty five year old ducks systems out there just aren't built for today's air conditioning systems and that causes a lot of problems there there's really a lot to it you know air conditions are complex there's a lot of moving parts and I think that's really important and I think a lot of people probably don't think about I certainly never would've Dan right into our conversation today I never would have thought about the fact that because I think a lot of people go out and they'll get that new unit and they won't they won't worry about the duct work but it's a lot like your health right like if you've got issues in one area it can affect another area in your health any commas is the same way with your AC unit isn't yeah it's it's exactly the same way if your AC unit you know if your ductwork is properly sized to allow the system to brief it's not leaking air into your attic or sucking air from your attic pushing your house your AC is gonna last a lot lot longer and you're gonna get you're gonna be much happier tell me about the technician to come out to our house because I think that that's a lot of things that you know people worried a lot especially right now right with everything going on Dan I mean I think that people want to know that they're gonna have technicians coming into their house if they can trust that are gonna do things in a clean way tell tell us about your technicians okay so every single person that works for us has to be criminal background check and drug tested it's company policy so that eliminates a lot of headaches right there so we you know we're not going to send out I'm not gonna send anybody at your house that I wouldn't send to my house when I'm not home all our taxes are always in uniform you know in our trucks are trucks every single one of our trucks is bright orange you literally can see them coming a mile away without even seeing the heatwave sign you'll know what's our truck when you see that bright orange truck coming down the street but unlike the other guy Dan right we're gonna see you in our driveway for a lot longer than just driving down our street.

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