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Cbs news i'm jim chenevey president trump tweeted tonight that he'd like to see accused new york terrorists i follow saipa faced the death penalty for his bike path attack that left eight dead a dozen seriously hurt mr trump says he'll be going to congress to ask them to immediately begin work to terminate the divers sadi immigrant visa program which brought saipa to the us cbs' major garrett on twitter the president referred to the diversity lottery as a chuck schumer beauty the senate minority leader did support the program would it was signed into law by george herbert walker bush but in two thousand thirteen schumer was part of a group of senators that unsuccessfully tried to scrap it the president or to stop tweeting and start leading the american people long for leadership not divisiveness not fingerpointing not name calling tennessee republican bob corker agreed and i don't know iran's away schumer accused the president of politicising tuesday's terror attack republicans accuse schumer of politicizing the las vegas concert shooting house republicans are expected to release details of their tax reform legislation thursday now few details are known at this point accepted the bill will not affect 401 k savings in will maintain a top tax bracket specifically four million dollarplus wagerners more from wtop state mcconnell as far as the corporate tax rate that is something that has been promised as from thirty five you're twenty percent ways and means chairman kevin brady said that still on track but he said it could take several steps to do that now whether that means would part of this will be only temporary port while it's on clear but ice baraize lowering the corporate rates that seems to be the state of play right now the president expected to name his choice to head the federal reserve thursday cbs's bill rehkopf despite calling current chair janet yellen a great person mr trump has not committed to keeping a wron is head of the.

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