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Three Miami Dolphins players protested social injustice during. The national anthem. Of their. Preseason opener against, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In Miami wide receivers. Kenny, stills and Albert Wilson took a knee. And defensive. End. Robert Quinn raised his fist while, standing the, NFL announced there, will be no punishment for players taking a. Knee new anthem rules were put on hold last month meanwhile the bucks beat the Finns twenty six to twenty four three more dead dolphins were found on Sarasota county beaches bringing the total this week to. Nine tests are being performed but the fear is that they're victims, of the red tide that's now reach Pinellas county Gretchen love well with moat marine lab. Says they hope the situation doesn't get worse historically we got pretty lucky in two thousand five two thousand six you know we're hoping that the Cape here I mean, the dolphins here. The most well studied population of dolphins in the world So I, mean we would learn a, lot but it would be extremely. Important manatees, turtles tons of fish and a twenty five foot, whale shark have washed up on beaches along one hundred twenty miles of the southwest Florida Gulf Coast Senator Bill Nelson, says he's been informed by intelligence officials that Russian operatives have penetrated election systems in a number of Florida, counties but Ron lebowski executive director of the state association of supervisors of elections says none of the local election offices have received any sort of notice from the? Feds, no to my, knowledge there.

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