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But why do you throw it? Don't throw it to against this awful secondary. It serves you, right? Giants fans, and I feel bad for the giants fans to this is not a rant against giants fans. I want to be very clear about this. I feel bad for giants fits you're like this side of the Bengals fans. It feels so awful the root for this franchise I-, terrible awful. They should have beaten the eagles, and they didn't. And and that's karma. Karma field. Gates four for thirty for golden Tate yesterday to seven fantasy points L show, Jeffrey just three for thirty nine. The eagles passing offense is still sort of finding its footing right now. Carson Wentz you just thirteen point two fantasy points. They've got a big game ahead against Matthews Redskins next Monday night job. Adams, though, one of the few bright spots on this offense besides earth twenty two eighty four with a touchdown sixteen point four points here. Yesterday, the coal twin another game the colts continued to win free. Josh how you've been talking about him for quite some time free. Josh Adams, two straight weeks, m being the guy in Philadelphia four or five straight wins for the Indianapolis Colts right now to Rico's Indianapolis Colts twenty seven to twenty four eight dramatic comeback in the fourth quarter for the dolphins though. A monster game for Kenyan Drake before he got hurt. If I have any idea what happened with Drake late night game. Something happened to shoulder. Okay. He had come into the game on the injury report because of his shoulder that he gets limited in practice. Big. It's cleared for the pre-game injure port. So he must have banged it. Bumped it tweaked it during the game. He left for a little bit came back amongst the most notable players, maybe the only notable player on this. Dolphins roster twenty six point six fantasy points for him. Yeah. He was on the hate list for me this week field. Obviously a bad call on this one. He drives me up a wall. Nineteen. Karm on this one nine thousand total carries in his last game. He's had nineteen total carries like knowing when to start Kenyan Drake. And when not to start Kenyan Drake is literally just is a dart throw because the usage isn't there? It is literally like he has his his the definition of touched on dependent. Just because the usage it's not about his talent. I've never questioned it's talent. It's my questions of always been about Adam gates and his usage. And again as good as he is nineteen total carries in the past three games. I mean, even in this one he only got eight Russia's. I mean, he got the big pass for touchdown. He gets another touch on. But he got eight runs. But you're yeah. Yeah. They play dependent four Kenyan Drake. But he made good on those big plays fourteen carries or Frank Goldens gonna keep happening. I should know that by now he is ageless is Frank core. Andrew luck. Now is the Matthew berry of of of the NFL. It's right. He has eight straight games. Does Andrew luck of three or more passing touchdowns? He is red hot right now t y Hilton goes crazy again seven for one twenty five Jack Doyle scored a touchdown. That's good news. But so to Eric E Brown's got two touchdowns yesterday on five catches. He actually out snapped Doyle forty six to thirty six for a while. We have been saying no the problem is Jack del doesn't play nearly as much as I'm sorry around. Eric Hebron doesn't play nearly as much as Jack Doyle doesn't and he doesn't until yesterday. And maybe part of that's tired of the fact that no Allie Cox was inactive because of an injury. But Eric Ibran if you started him good on you. He is touchdown prolific is really any player. So far this season. I can't imagine. There are too many players guy who have forty five or fewer catches. With eleven or more receiving touchdowns at any point at a single. And that is karma right there. Let me tell you. The lions did not take advantage of Eric Hebron the way that the colts have and I'll tell you. What's the lions? I mean, this whole thing is just karma against the. Here's the problem that I have because I've seen a lot of like the lions really screwed that one up right there. Anybody pulse. Say like anything other than like, it's about time. We got rid of Eric Hebron. They would've traded them for twentieth. Round pick..

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