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The last play of the game that helped the cavs into field goal range. The third down conversion to cd lamb very much worth your time. You can go watch that here on the blogs youtube channel. Check out some of his written analysis at blog on the voice dot com. Yeah so everybody tune in were. We're trying to give you as much as we can to help Figure out. What's happening tom before we leave right now. Michael galkin the dallas morning news tweeted a statement. Let's see here. This is a statement from lyle cons as representatives. he's on twitter at culkin. Nfl we are extremely disappointed in the nfl has handled this entire matter. From trampling on mr collins writes to prematurely releasing the information knowing timely appeal was filed to intentionally misleading the court. At the hearing the extent an effort the nfl went to accomplish. Its ends is appalling. Is a very very heavy statement. Tom you react. I get this typed up on screen for everybody. Yeah this is. Shades of the ezekiel elliott suspension. I'm i'm getting that same vibe. That for some reason all the bad blood lead to that which frankly seems to exist between Roger goodell and jerry. Jones is still lingering because they do seem to kind of dump on the cowboys with a lot of this stuff so i don't really know It it feels almost like there's something else going on for some reason they still want to make an example of the dallas cowboys which seems incredibly counterproductive. Because did you see the ratings from last night. the this is their biggest draw and they keep wanting to reduce them to mediocrity. It's a total mystery. That i don't understand and i don't you know i hope this does isn't just attorney hiber hyperbole. Which would just anger the nfl more. I hope there's some some substance to their complaint You know. I don't know if it'll ultimately do any good. Because roger goodell is a law unto himself hop in you know not going to change as long as he's ensuring that the owners are getting million millions even billions of dollars to play with so we'll have to find out It's gonna be you know real real interesting thing. The statement had to put it up into little little banners here. Just because it's that long but the first part again reeds for anybody who didn't like my reading of it. We are extremely disappointed. This is from lyle conscious. Representatives extremely disappointed in how the nfl has handled this entire matter. From trampling on mr collins's rights prematurely releasing the information knowing timely appeal was filed continued saying to intentionally misleading. The court at the hearing this last sentence tom the extent and effort the nfl went to accomplish. Its ends is appalling. So tom i ask you and i'll put this back up here. This last part. What are the ends the what. What's insinuations here is the ends like you know pooh-poohing the cowboys is that the end question. What's going on here. What are they trying to accomplish. And again we're flailing away with with you know shadows and and miss. We don't know what is actually behind all this. We don't know what happened. We don't know the the circumstances of of while missing the the test. We don't know why he missed. Them was earn when alterior motive on his part from not getting tested just to watch joseph cologne ask. You can play under a pl. Who cannot by the way tom round of applause again for alex cure sling For the super chats. Thanks for the shout mister show. Hey alex won a first name basis here. You know what i'm saying. But yeah i you know and chris werner. Tom brings up. The ends is the policy enforcement. Maybe the nfl does truly care that much about Their policy Explain what's going on with the show. Watson then yeah okay. Let's see here. Michael balch interest. Had tweet another wrinkle. This is why we did this. A live show. Everybody knows and again we will podcast this for you but Michael galkin's tweet cowboys right. Tackle lyle collins did not test positive for substance source said he declined to test. In any event suspension stands. He'll be docked. Five game checks an amount that would be higher if not for march contract restructure which converted some salary to signing bonus to now. If you really wanna play conspiracy theorists. Tom the cowboys. No this was possible. You know so. That's why they converted the salary to help lie l. financially. You know what. I mean because we know the cowboys will look after their own in that sense although financially it took them forever to look after their own dak prescott but I mean going back to march. That's way too big of a conspiracy theory. I think at this point in time here in september but again according to the dallas news cons did not test positive for substance. He declined to test which is a difference of opinion. Which i think is the point. That lyles representations trying to hang their hat on that players can be fined for choosing decline attest as opposed to testing for something specifically yeah Decline to that's the thing was just played the fan. It was just a general screen or was he declined tests for something specific like marijuana which that adds a different way. The more we hear the more confusing this gets. And that's that's the problem. That's why i do think on. Sunday morning when the adam schefter reports the tom perez j. glazer's jay glazer has been really tight with the cowboys. He was the one who first reported hiring of mike mccarthy. He was the one who was first on alden smith. Tom palacios mike. Mccarthy mccarthy project had the exclusive interview with mccarthy and got an ochsner this year So you know i. I think we'll get a little bit of clarity. Is the weekend continues to unfold a weekend tom that i hope everybody enjoys. Despite the fact that the cowboys lost despite the fact that it feels like our pets heads are falling off here. But there's there's a lot of football season left. Whatever happens with this. Lyle collins stuff with anything regarding the cowboys by the way here before i finish here john stanley says why not take the test. I mean only lower counts can answer that question ultimately by the but whatever happens with lia- with anything otherwise we will keep you updated as we always do a blog in the boys dot com. Tom chur falls the source home for the best ask coverage on the internet. Yes true this is it true. Blogging the boys dot com. Check us out..

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