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The love that he was into the same things right. He didn't drink. He didn't do drugs but the two it seems like they were off to somewhat of a of Ro Rob's start Taylor's roommate. Emma says that between Taylor Jakup weren't going the way Taylor wanted and another friend of that jakup had dumped her online and Taylor was upset about. That's very mature of him. Going to break up with you online But this kind of weird. Because she's UH school that long so she did she start dating this individual before she left her school. It looks to me like as soon as she. You know mind you February and April. She's already making trips out the Vcu to see if she's going to like Vcu and and to see if she actually wants to attend right Vcu. It seems to me like as soon as she has decided on that college that she's openly on social media sending out invites to chat with people and get to know people in the area so once she arrived she's GonNa hit the ground running and already have a little bit of a solid base of friends going on. Yeah and my my college and I know not every college but the college I went to did a a bunch of this like freshman week of to know people and get into getting familiar with the college but that's now is a small college. This is a lot bigger than they might not have programs like that That would be very difficult yet. It's only two hours away but you're also a little bit younger than everybody and so get in that community around here would be definitely important. What's interesting to me is is. It seems like we talked about her moving around a lot as a younger child. She's already kind of adapted to this. You know she's already figured out how to set up shop in a new town and new city new state sometimes new country then like you said fifteen times fifteen different schools. This would be should be an expert at this and as you said captain. She's only at school for a very brief time before things start to go weird right so on Labor Day weekend. Two thousand five. When Taylor had been at school for just two weeks she met up with some guys on Saturday night to go skateboarding. According to one of these guys his name is Kevin. The group boarded for an hour around two forty five. Am So early morning. That's what I call the small hours. Kevin had only met Taylor three or four times but described her as a normal girl who was very trusting. Kevin said that Taylor was heading home to Vienna the next day to spend some time with her mom. This was correct after spending Sunday and most of Monday at home. Taylor returned to campus on Monday afternoon. She called her father at six forty five to say she was back safely on campus and she had dinner with the guy that she was sort of dating his name again. Jacob but this was a normal dinner they. They met To discuss their relationship. Apparently yes they. They made up and had a nice dinner at the village. Cafe Liebau he was like make. It wasn't makeup and we're GONNA be boyfriend girlfriend. I think it was. This is going to end. Am I correct on that? Well there are some differing zipper relations. But I believe that's his comments. Today is that they they left on friendly terms. Yes yes you're right. Kevin Her skateboarding. Buddy later said that he saw her alone around eight forty five pm that night and said that Taylor was excited for her upcoming birthday which would be October thirteenth. That should finally be able to vote. yeah should be eighteen years old and she told Kevin that she was planning on doing something quote unquote illegal. What that was Kevin does not know what that was. I do not know My guess if I if I had to guess would be. It would be a weird way to describe it to me but being on a college campus turning eighteen years old kind of feels like drinking might be the thing she might have been referencing there or maybe it was to get a fake. Id She's going to get a new. Id At eighteen years old get a fake id. So she could go into you know. Oh yeah overage clubs. That would technically illegal. I think you might be more right than me. So at nine forty five pm Taylor spoke on her cell phone to a male to a guy this is according to crime library. I couldn't figure out who this guy was his name that she spoke with but crime. Library says this guy was later questioned and there were no additional calls to or from her phone at this time. Note that time again was nine forty five pm as the news reports from two thousand and five. When Taylor got back to her dorm room that Monday night at ten twenty pm. She found that her roommate was entertaining. A young man Taylor had to vacate the relatives sock on the door. That's what my mind went to the old tie on the door. I didn't live on campus but the amount of times I like just opened up friends doors and stuff was going on Kevin Gone. Wh why wouldn't you just locked the door? I keep run into these negative people She grabbed her keys her car keys. Her phone and some cash took off telling Ama- that she was going to go skateboarding and that she would be back in about three hours. You know that's the polite thing to do to the roommate. You tell them exactly how long you can stay gone for right. And that's the I don't want to speculate too much on that. But that's the way I took. It was like hey I see you're with somebody. I'm GONNA go skateboard. Do some stuff. I'll be gone for few hours right but you know but we also have class in the morning. You're giving them a time limit. I have to return at some time to go to sleep to get up the next day I got things to do. I'm being courteous here. You got three hours the place your right and but that still puts you in round one. Two o'clock in the morning correct. You got class the next day. Yeah so the glad. Ing Residents Center Security Cameras. Show footage of Taylor walking out of her lobby at ten twenty four PM. These security cameras do not show Taylor returning in fact. She was not seen again after this time. That was ten twenty four PM. Taylor's roommate Ammo went about her day on Tuesday September. Sixth but then that evening she noticed that Taylor had still not come back and none of her things had been touched by this point and on Wednesday morning. She informed the vcu campus police that her roommate had never returned to their dorm and had been gone close to thirty six hours. The vcu campus police started looking for Taylor and guess that she had left. The dorm gone somewhere in her car as vehicle is missing as well. Campus police called Janet her mother at home to tell her that both her daughter and her daughter's vehicle are missing. There was no response on Taylor cell to Janet's calls and Janet and Matt Taylor's father immediately came down to vcu and join the campus police the campus security officers in their search for their daughter. The campus police officers spoke to Taylor's friends and acquaintances and tried to track her movements on that night that she disappeared. They knew that often young people. Just go off on these benders or leave town without really telling anybody but nobody thought that that was likely not. You're right. It's a Monday. It's a holiday so very typical to a Sunday. And it's like it's not who who would do that. That makes more sense if she went missing on a Thursday or Friday Yeah and if she did go somewhere she she left without telling anyone but really. I know that it's thirty. Six hours and there are some people on the very inner circle that are probably panicking at this point but the mass is the majority of the people. Really think that it's likely that Taylor will. Surface at some point was a really big campus. You she could a hung out with some people spent the night you know but I guess my concern is that we know that she told her roommate's. Hey I'm I'm GONNA go skateboarding. So where does that put her to put her on. Campus.

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