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Staying open this fall and winter season. By the time you mobilize the distribution of the vaccinations, and you get the majority or more Of the population vaccinated and protected. That's likely not gonna happen to the mid or end of 2021 daily. New cases are hovering around 40,000 nationwide doctor, he says. We need to decrease that number significantly if we want to return to life prick over that's Fox's Charles Waltz in the Wedge doctor fell. She's encouraging everyone to continue wearing masks even went outside, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the virtual G seven meeting. Addressing The climate crisis that the time to address climate change is now the climate crisis. Israel and its consequences are undeniable. Rising sea levels horrific wildfire savaged rounds. Certainly, Furman's devastating floods and life threatening air pollution will impact every nation on every continent. Pelosi says that only a global response to climate change will be enough to stop the pending crisis. Summonses are issued in ST Louis for BLM protesters back on June 28th Mark and Patricia McCloskey made headlines when they confronted Black lives matter. Demonstrators outside their home. ST Louis couple, claiming they were acting in self defense pointed loaded weapons at them, though no shots were fired. The McCloskey's have been slapped with felony weapons charges. But now nine of the more than 300 protesters who took part that day have been issued summons as well. They could be facing fines of up to $500 in up to 90 days in jail for trespassing on private property. No response has yet from the ST Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Karen McCue Fox News sounds impressive. A weak cold front coming our way That's gonna enhance our shower chances later today on Sunday after that pulled on him away By Tuesday. We're probably mostly cloudy, Comfortable, low, low sixties. Partly sunny daytime hours Sunday highs near eight degrees. A slight chance of showers can't shower around Sunday with a cold front lobe upper sixties. Mostly sunny, breezy foryou Monday highs near 80 then Sonny Low seventies on.

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