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Thing I've on the two times have been drawn up driven down South I've had Caribou on the whole time Nice. Cool? Wicked Joe Nice to talk to you Kevin Yeah you so. Dan Snaith Aka Caribou Kevin Parker Aka Tame Impala. Thank you so much for joining us here on the talk house podcast. I WanNa take a quick moment to give a huge shout out to the TAME IMPALA SUB Reddit. You guys grabbed a screen shot of my instagram and were so enthusiastic about this talk coming down the pipe blind came and thanks again for sending me that it was so nice to get to chat with a few you guys. Online can never keep anything away from the fans. Hey, man I love it listeners. If you enjoyed this week's show, we highly recommend checking out past episodes like the Pitchfork Fest doubleheader with Fleet Foxes Robin. Peck. Mold with Milford Jagna and Blood Orange Rafael Sadique, and be sure to get the latest of Talk House on facebook twitter and instagram. That's at Talk House. You can also follow me and throw my teasers into your separate I'm at Elliot Einhorn. Are Researcher for today's show is re Sagan's and our producer extraordinaire is Mark Yoshizumi Everyone you heard on stays episode recorded themselves at home. The TACOS podcast theme song was composed and performed by the range till next week I'm Eliane Horn I'm Keenan Kush. And Tame Caribou..

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