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Player won't be a forming. Rock former writer Willie McCovey last night and doctors eight Paul Zimmerman tonight. We we're not going to not report it because it's not pleasant news. But it is something you'd prefer not to do on a night in night out basis and two nights in a row. We've had to do that. There's plenty of going on on the field on the court. And we'll get into all of that. Over the next several hours here on CBS sports radio. Thursday night football TANF. TANF could stand for it. That's not football. If you were describing the Oakland Raiders coming into the game, the raiders and the Niners were combined two and thirteen pre putrid. As a matter of fact, wanted to two teams actually shown pretty well tonight. And it could make a winner out of the carbon kidneys fantasy league picks up Nick Mones off the scrap heap, and he's just moving forty nine is up and down the field against this pretty close to rancid raider defensive. It was a bad football game to start at least the matchup. Look that way. When you got one in Texas against one in seven now, it's pretty damn bad. But the fact that one of the two actually showed up to play tonight because Mullins would move the team up and down the field off the practice squad. I'm to the field with fee. J bet there'd be in her couple of things good for Nick balance. And the fact that he is maybe squaring himself a job for a couple of years as a backup in the NFL. But it also tells you something about TJ back, and I will from time to time Pat myself on the back and tell you I told you so try not to do it off. And try not dart myself when I do it TJ grabbed it's not an NFL quarterback. And I said that last year when the forty Niners into deep ended the pool made him to store starter. When Garoppolo went down this year. They didn't even think about picking somebody up onto scrappy I thought they would reach out for a veteran starting quarterback because the Niners thought they were going to compete this year. They thought they were going to beat mainly because Jimmy Garoppolo. But when you make moves and you have that kind of stance you quarterback goes down. You gotta try and continue to compete. Can't just go up quarterback is screwed. We'll give up on the season. Now, you can't do that. But they believed that CJ Beathard could carry the load the dropoff would not be bad from Jimmy Garoppolo to CJ J. Oh, it was it continues to be. And this to me kind of pointed out that CJ Beathard did not think for weeks offensively gets replaced by Nick Mullins. And here goes the.

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