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Using. Fortunately, where to take it. When it does. Is it take it from me? Monica Kaufman Pearson. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears open for another episode of Amoco's bet you didn't know that's Amco A C. This is WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish. Looking at a big temperature crash. Find my forecast anytime on the WSB radio app. All right. I wanna make sure I'm close to correct is somebody with my brain can be. So this Kirk Cox, who's a Republican. He's speaker of the house of delegates of the house, and he's he's the fourth person, but technically third in line. So if the governor of Virginia has to go because a black face, and whatever, and then the Lieutenant governor can't take his place because of sexual assault. And then the guy after him, the attorney, general all Democrats. He's got his own black face thing from the past. And he can't do it. So technically third in line is this Republican Kirk Cox who speaker of the house speaker of delegates, and I said that the. The only reason he's there is because his last race was so close the actually tied and they had to pull name out of a hat. I think it was a coin flip. And I'm not quite sure it might be just at the house was tied and who was going to run it Republicans or Democrats one way or another. It was either his thing. But it was probably probably wrong. There's probably the exact number of seats after the last election in the house, and they just did a coin flip. So this guy this Republican may end up being the governor of Virginia based on a coin flip because the tumbling democrat Domino's above him leave it wide open. Although he's gotta be sweating bullets. If he did anything in his past. Yes. I didn't pay for lemonade once. I just want to know. Fifth in line. I think I think I saw it here. I can't remember who run the sheets. Yeah. Sixty six Tim Andrews strangely enough. I'll take it. He doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. He'll get right through there. Are you got another story? Yeah. We've been teasing this for a while major league baseball. Okay. I'm sorry. That was a flashback to my teenage years. Sorry. Go ahead. Okay. Bitch, really baseball. And the major league Baseball Players Association are discussing some rule changes that will steer the league next year. Now, here's one that that I think I like, and you to who are you know, baseball. I would say aficionados. Yes, I I'm casual baseball fan. My phantom in baseball is how good of the Braves doing if the Braves aren't doing that. Well, I.

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