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It in earnest with a major project you probably know about that already because they would have been hiring people and when they interview people typically the way these stories like the apple car story. It's very hard to hire one hundred engineers for a project and not find out about it. The way steve jobs figured out that google was going to watch chrome the chrome browser. Was they were interviewing safari team members the safari browser obviously by apple. So when you start recruiting in earnest for a project. That's when the stuff leaks because people will get interviewed don't sign. Nda's they might use a handshake agreement to not talk about it. But they'll say get some currency out of it. Sure some people will leak it. And that's how a lot of big projects like a are at apple as well. The reason people know there's a lot going are with a our cars and previously the watches because they were hiring tons of people to work on wearables to work on cars into on self driving and mobility but according to an article by coined. His desk speculating on bitcoin. Sunday run up. Here's the quote experts say short-squeeze of heavily leveraged traders may have added to upper pressure on prices. Okay so hearing about this. This is called defy decentralized. Finance people are taking their crypto holdings. And they're getting levered against him. What does that mean. They're getting alone just like High net worth individuals might able to have the had one hundred million dollars in facebook shares. They might be able to borrow a fifty percent of that as alone and banks typically provide the rich folks. Now it's coming down to anybody with crypto. You can borrow against your crypto but if the price changes radically either way if you're shorting if you're long whatever you make liquidated so supposedly a lot of people got liquidated so the prevailing theory amongst pro. Bitcoin people i think is the rumors of amazon which would be in the category of tesla buying a bunch of bitcoin. Just an incredible incredible. Check box to get amazon onboard. The bitcoin train but that turned out to be false. That think it's false because we're not hearing any jobs being posted about this or you know a bunch of people being recruited. So i doubt it that you know amazon's any more inquisitive than any other company but It costs enough of a price. Increase that little amazon. You know maybe got some people off the fence which then created the short stories if that makes sense but the pro pickling crowd is also i think downplaying the tethered doj prob-. I could see the tether doj pro being leaked yesterday amongst people who are insiders like let's say exchanges and then if you are on these exchanges especially offshore ones that use a tether if you saw people cashing in their tether for bitcoin. Which would be the smart thing to do if you think tether is going to collapse or they might get arrested etc and it all gets frozen. Will you would want to not have your money frozen because it could be frozen for five or ten years just like when poker sites assets got seized. You know you're you're just out of luck for years. You eventually were able to claim that you had some assets in there but you have to jump through hoops so any person hearing my voice right now who owns tether. And who's been listening for. The last month must be trying to get outta tether and move their tether into bitcoin or a theory you do not get the stability or supposed stability of a stable coin but you do have something that you can download and put it into your own wallet. Put in cold storage and get off of these crazy Exchanges that could also get seized. Tether could get shut down and these exchanges can get seized and everybody could lose everything where people can abscond with your money so you gotta get your coins into a wallet into cold storage off of these services unless it's maybe coin base or something that runs in the west and you feel a little bit more secure in so I think that is what we're looking at here is maybe some of that and it could be a combination of all of these things. Short-squeeze amazon rumors. Doj rumors tether tether people move into bitcoin. And you get this super storm. Dennis vinokourov hopefully pronouncing your name correct. Dennis is the head of research at synergy. Jia capital synergy capital He said that tether news is less of a market negative because it is an investigation into executives.

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