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Josh Allen Way out play death FRESCA running the biggest game with the weekend the ten in one forty niners going up against the nine and two Baltimore Ravens at Sunday they on Fox both teams posted rose valued weapons for the Ravens. That's Jackson now tied for the most passing touchdowns in the NFL ninth in the league in rushing yards for the niners holding opponents to less than two hundred and fifty yards per game. That is the best in the NFL. But how will that defense stop. The unstoppable off of old Lamar Jackson. Here's San Francisco's coach Shannahan. He's is different in that he's just He's running back when he has the ball over the other two guys. They can make a lot of a lot of plays with their legs and stuff but of eventually they're going to slide and things like that This this guy. He is running back out there and a quarterback when he's throwing but now you can run hard you've got to bring him down he can take the hits and he also can deliver them the distinction between the other two guys. He was talking about Tyler. Murray and Russell Wilson I and what you have from Lamar Jackson weakened weak out nick. Who's got the edge here? Lamar or that. Forty niners. Defense Memorial narrows overhauling favorite to Win League. Mvp I think he likely we will. He's been sensational proven. Any of the doubters at least temporarily if not permanently wrong anyone that said he should change position and actually be a running back or wide wide receiver. Looks like a fool with all that said. I like the niners defense this weekend. I like the niners this weekend. I think the niners can present a very unique problem for Baltimore. Baltimore offensively and defensively by the way but as far as the niners defense against Lamar in the Baltimore offense I think the niners have the ability to create pressure. Sure with just four. Which is the single best thing you can do in defensive football so you're GONNA have seven guys in coverage and they can do not the same thing because nobody's really? We're trying to do the same thing. The chargers did against Lamar in the postseason where they add seven defensive backs on the field but what they can do is they can have seven guys whose whose pure pure responsibilities our coverage in spine Lamar while also not giving Lamar a Lotta time to throw because those four down linemen can't get after the quarterback so for that reason because the increased pressure up the middle and off the edge. I think the niners defense which he's as good as any unit and football outside of the Patriots Secondary That niners front I think they. Hey of the advantage this Sunday. I know you gotTA politicians today. Man You'RE GONNA lose this debate because because I'm just a homer because I play for the Baltimore Ravens just this that I've seen the forty nine struggle against a quarterback that's similar to Lamar Jackson and Colin Murray. But also you look at really you talk about the front four that front four four is GonNa hurt them because there are four. Three defense creates a tremendous amount of lanes running lane anthony lanes and what happens is because Lamar Jackson is such a premium. Athlete is always going to hold. The backside. Deep has been which is Bosa you know. What really wha- The San Francisco Forty niners have any former success? They're going to have to take a page out the RAVENSBRUCK and the Super Bowl no matter what no matter if he's handing the ball off or not when he's in that RPO type of posture. He's live so he's a smaller guy. You hit him every play in early on you give yards remember the super bowl to Ravens. Hit Catherine every single play and it took a toll on his body and they got out of that offense but you talk about the lanes that are going to be open and what happens is you're going to have to creep up when you creep up because Baltimore plays with three tight ends and they can double team. Everybody can get behind your linebackers handbags because your linebackers feel like. They can't wait. They have to come up and try and attack. And that's what he's GonNa create all these scenes for Hollywood brow for Willie snead for all those receives. That's the difference his last year when the charges did that. They're able to do that. Because Lamar Jackson wasn't a threat to throw the ball because he didn't have any weapons now he has homerun hitters that you. You have to double because if you don't put one or two on top of Hollywood brow he can run passionate. We saw last week so this is just a bad match up. Their best chance is to play. Keep away from his defense and run the ball. Because you say everything you want about San Francisco their nineteenth and stopping the run. That is a bad recipes on the road. Playing at nine o'clock clock. Your body clock time. They better get out to a fast start. Jimmy G. is going to have to take care of the football. Not like he's been reckless. He's been reckless with the football last couple of weeks. Action Jackson not only has he been flawless. No turnovers he has a punit into right. Well listen the best kicker. The Ravens are the hottest team in the league. Right right now. Lamar's the hottest player. The Ravens are near touchdown favorites. They're at home. I understand all of that I and I I also have been more skeptical than most San Francisco's. We'll be surprised. I like San Francisco in this game. I just think the niners are going to put Lamar and position where they make him throw the football and is even though he is so much better than it was last year that I still think that is the that is the way to get to Baltimore. You can remove Lamar as a runner from the game plan and your point of repeatedly knocking him to the ground. Even when he doesn't have the ball I think it's a great one understanding we might give up a fifteen in your room when he hands the ball off that we otherwise wouldn't give up because we're going to focus in the first quarter of making him feel that we are here and we're going to be your old game and how much that can take them out of their game. Plan one of these teams unless this is a very close game throughout is going to. We're going to be able to see them in the position. I think a lot of us have been waiting to see them. How do they respond to being down? Ten points what is the counterpunch for the niners or the Ravens in this spot and on the other other side of the ball I do like the the niners ability to repeatedly rush the football on offense to play keep away from the more which would be the most effective strategy. Here's here's the problem because wink Martindale. Because he uses four. DB's now you don't have to identify WHO's coming right. So the centers gotTA figure out five. Oh Five Oh means us. Five bigs have those five big problems rave don't play with five big time they had Jimmy Smith. Car Humphries and and and I'm forgetting one Jimmy Smith right so what happens. Is Jimmy Smits and a box you saw last week. They were blitzing both corners because they have four corners on the field they feel comfortable in exposing the edges because they have physical corners that can blitz Jimmy G. is going to have to recognize where the blitz is coming from nobody blitzes. DB's more than wink. Martindale in days gone densify and Jimmy. John's been getting away from that because he's been able to just rely on running the ball and if anything breaks down I know kid who's going to be open and your point on the Ravens defensive backs so they start the year because of injury and because they had made the trade for Marcus. Peters but they got humphries they got ageless Brandon car. They've been trade peters and get Jimmy Smith back from injury and all of a sudden you've got four solid Kumar. The humphry physical got absolutely. So that is where the rape the Ravens on the year. They're defensive profile is not a great defense but you really have to look at it from what they've done since about week seven when they acquired Marcus Peters since they got healthier. I mean that's as great as l'amour Lamar in the offense has been the the defense has been sensational of late as well. No I think it's a great matchup I. I'm really excited to see how Lamar deals with the best defensive front in football because there is no front in the AFC. He's going to face. That is anywhere close to what San Francisco came present. Who needs to win more? Oh that's really interesting. I think the Ravens are in there like where they're worse case scenario is probably the two seat already because they beat Houston and Kansas City. Maybe too far back. San Francisco knows with a loss Seattle to San Francisco cowboys coming in looking to silence the doubters after week turmoil surrounding Jason Gares. They did themselves house. Exactly zero favors Dak at three hundred fifty five yards on forty nine attempts through two touchdowns but also threw a pick me. Lost a fumble. Meanwhile Z. Y.. The season low only twelve carries. So what does it all mean for Jason Garrett from here's Jerry Jones. I know Jason Very well. I've I've had a wonderful opportunity to spend a football life with you so I know in very well and You know without a doubt you've seen it. Nobody his Forms Jason Morrison to go and I and I'm GonNa tell you this right now. He's got my back to. This is not the time. Ah For me. I'm looking ahead at another ball game and I'm looking at it went in four five straight Straight and helping write a story that They'll talk about hat. Look like he got it made. I mean that. That's the way that operate night ever decision that I make over the next month we'll be it's an unmanned us in the Super Bowl. Now Dan I would normally say you really smoke in a normally would say but I know the Homerun. And I'm the one that okayed and put the coaches editor in that room in a very comfortable you.

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