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And I can't be around that I'm done being around negative because when I get negative Chris is not that I'm a tough guy is just that I do what I have to do to get this anger out of me. So that means to punch somebody that means I gotta get drunk and fight somebody I'll do it I don't WanNa do that no one thirty years old I don't WanNa be that thirty eight year old in Bar with a bunch of college kids headbutting Mike You not knowing why you know what I mean so no. The negative negatively that I got there. I think my mother was like it's not worth. It seems to it's quite transparent that. That's a big word brother I. Know I actually had. GD, folks. The fact that you had, you know you've got this call after your TV or now it's not to be coach. That's do other things. Yeah. Wrestling you have two guys come on I smiled and we're come on. But then in my head I won't be a businessman right of course you know what I mean I could have been come on. But I was like, whoever offers I. You know what I mean, and then they offered a w offer but they w offer was like legit right there in front of me. And then I'm a Momma's boy as. Probably tell. and My mother put it. The best wouldn't be happy. Then I said, well, mom, you just made my decision for me. And now that you're here last few questions, what's your goal in in a w B. The top guy that's Doing it right like I'm not GonNa, go to Tony and talk shit about you. I mean no no. I'm not going to go to the after party and go Tony. Tony Tony. Yeah mock split I should do this or Tony Tony Tony Coney. Young Bucks Kenny whoever I WANNA earn it. I want my goal is to be the highest rated segment on the show every week. No matter what it is. I thought it was great to put you with your now with butcher and Blade Blade Luther brothers and I've known them for years yet on the road with them especially in Blade and Phoenix as to see them. Four Times a month four or five times a month that shows you know what I mean to point where little rapport with them where I called Pentagon my best friend. And he goes on how how about my brother I shit. I go Pentagon tell you tell great store your brother, spunky. Shits shifts and they're like off. Just a good report, what was the mindset and putting you guys putting you with those guys. They Tony Idea Tony Idea Tony Goes. What are you go? Are you GonNa? Pay Me? He Goes I. GO WHATEVER YOU WANNA do I'll make your wirtten. Might. Now, my goal is to be the highest rated thing but now that I have butcher blade finished with me, I wanna make them with me. Let's go. Yeah. Let's do this together. Let's the highest rated thing together. Let's get the people of trending I don't even know what that means but Yeah let's transfer and baby you know what I mean and it's Not to knock anybody but I feel like hopefully, that inspires other guys and then they wanna be the top and then we're just again healthy competition what each other. Well once again, you've been doing this for a long time or you're not take it for granted the fact this position no, I can't I can't do that 'cause. Man I was broke a like a month or two ago. You know what I mean and now that I'm not. It's like, okay. But I'M NOT GONNA look at a gift horse in the mouth and just rest on. Okay I got the contract. So that's just the beginning. If you can meet the day I signed it I went. Oh, now it's on. Now, it's a new chapter and let's get money men. But when I say, let's get money I mean let's draw Monday W.. Isn't that the point of what we're doing is to bring people in. Even though there's no crowd but was a crowd tonight but people watching though we need. Advertisers, and just the buzz continue the buzz and that's the point. Of. And I don't think anybody here but just a lot of young guys in general don't think like that. Yeah, and I didn't either until I had the old school, guys go no go this way. Trust US we've been there tracy was one of them homicide Loki go go over here dreamer you're I mean so I got lucky to meet a lot of good guys. I. I met some astles and they know their assholes because I call them that. you know what I mean. I met some women that were not very nice either was you know? I call them things. They called me things. That's that but. You know life goes on and all I really WanNa do that talk all this stuff about money and drawing people in all honesty Chris. The thing I want to do the most make my nephew and my niece problem. That's honestly I. Take me off tomorrow my niece, and my nephew can go on TNT APP. t you hear me and put new over. Or whatever youtube and go that's my uncle. I'm good. Yeah. You can take me now I'm good. Last. Question for you what's your favorite match that you've ever had? None none. Every match I, could do better. Every match I can do but the man go back and watch some of them and I go all fat shit or What were you thinking there? That made no sense none none I can tell you. My My favorite Ole. Japan. Match which is Kentucky Bosch Verse Massawa Which One June Eleventh Nineteen Ninety Nine Ninety From Boudicca. Yes. You Ready. No was it's hard to say because those guys every match habits during that time. Yeah. Well, everyone knows who follows me on twitter. I don't know my twitter handle. So if you're going to put that over, that's gotta find it. We all I know is Eddie Kingston eighty-one on instagram. That's all I know. King Eighty. One think yes. Yes I forget but. Yeah, all Japan was. So for me, the inspirations were of course WF NWEA? But. And as I got older, it was easy wwl Japan I didn't WanNa go anywhere but ultra pain when I broke in the end did you did you ever get to know? Soccer. Does a all Japan I'm on TV now. When this pandemic. That's me trying to play the game as best I can. That in me calling out June Nakayama on twitter. Again I don't. Know, if you hit the right address, oh no, no, no no because there's no blue. You, call Jane. She's. Gene hitting me up she's in Denver. Wayne Way to kick Mas. We'll do this great having. To get to know Ya and we've got a lot more. We've got a lot more time to go for me to bust your balls, you the bust, my balls, and then make. House..

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