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There on Yasgur's farm, where they held the original Woodstock. Now It is a gorgeous place Amphitheater museum and the last concert I saw happen to be the goo goo dolls and train Yes, under the starlit sky. And the same grass area where you saw Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. You remember Bernie that summer I went to see a bunch of shows. That was the last concert. We saw it because, well, there are no contracts anymore, but there will be one tomorrow night virtually For NBC in the Goo Goo Dolls will be there. I did take a picture this morning talking about Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with our wooden soldier. One thing about the councilman. TT's a wonderful owner, John. I love him and his wife, Margot, Love arm or they get into the spirit of things when we got a wooden soldier downstairs, and I took a picture with the guy this morning in, say much. It's kind of like the real soldiers in England. What he called those guys that tried to mess with when I go to London. Every time the I know you're talking like stand there they don't move. They don't smile. Kind like this guy downstairs in the lobby Instagram at Sid Rosenberg Twitter, right? Sid Rosenberg Facebook, said Rosenberg. You can check out the picture. One of the story I want to cover from last week. We weren't together burn, but it came up when I was doing television. One of the greatest athletes in our lifetimes. Died last week. Not just a great athlete, but nobody. I mean, nobody did more cocaine than this guy. Nobody. Okay if you want to use the fictional character, Tony Montana out, But you know when Scarface nobody did more cocaine, Diego Maradona. Nobody. This guy was High and drunk every day and in terms of just pure soccer skill. Same level is Lionel Messi that good that good right but a complete The guy was in his fifties. He was still doing rails all day long. No good. No good. No good for your heart. He died last week. But here's the deal. Everybody said on He must've been too much Coke. He drank too much. When Michael Jackson died. The great Michael Jackson. We know that eventually his doctor Got in big trouble. You've even gotten arrested. We're giving him too much of that sleeping stuff did propofol Right now They're saying there's something up with Diego Maradona's doctor that it wasn't just because of the cocaine and the alcohol, they're questioning. His doctor, So I know what is Dr. Got him, But this could be another Michael Jackson situation. Well, let's make it the, uh, a cautionary tale. A lesson for the, uh, for the younger listeners for the young folks like Mikey did. Dino who just graduated Courtland daughter did this type of behavior does have consequent does I mean, you know if you don't stop, especially when you're young. You do it a couple times. Got a couple rehabs like me. Maybe you don't. You don't carry it that far. But it zip me. It doesn't only ruined careers and lives and all that stuff. Family kills you. It does. And maybe that's what killed Diego Maradona. Maybe not. But he was really a magnificent, magnificent soccer player. And people around the world actually wept last week when he did I know you don't care for what that's right. Huh? All right, I saw it. I mean, you know, it's a 17 choked up to each of the seven million stories in the naked city to, uh, use that phrase and look to me. It's just a name, so I didn't have a personal attach. What was the last time you cry? I didn't cry like you cried when Penny Marshall, stop it. And I don't do that Big deal. Laverne. Dying is a big deal. Dick Ellis, You know when you cried I saw you cry. I'm being serious. I cried when my my little miniature snow Hauser died. I wasn't with you. Then I was with you. The last time you cried when I say cry. You weren't like Ben Stiller walking down the street in something about Mary you like but you cried. Is why I love you. When my father died. That day when I was in the studio that morning. You started the crime. I notice that we'll never figure welled up. You cried. All right. I love you. Well, I'll take that. Thank you. I love you too. We're gonna get a hotel room. Yeah. Fuck again tomorrow morning to check on Harvey. We love you. We miss you. We don't talk to the cold Stop by and Bill White still become New York proud. New York Loud with New York attitude all here on talk radio 77 w A b C W A B C traffic in transit Going to start on the island this time Southdown Meadowbrook Parkway in Old Country Road and Accident Left Lane and service Cross. Allain North bound. Coming up to the Whitestone Bridge. Look for a stall again. The right lane out inbound on the go on us at Atlantic Avenue and disabled one lane out there as well. And then eastbound route threesome. Good news Here. All mainline lanes are open just the ramp now. Valley Road is closed that with flooding and now a new problem, he's found 80 coming into exit 54. That accident continues an alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. I'm Joe Nolan with traffic on talk radio 77 w A. B C. This is Rudy Giuliani. I want to.

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