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Yeah. I think he's become almost notorious for adding a second base log. Onto was the end of the song to add to the dynamic of the song which is a really cool feature too. Yeah I love the idea here that the song is driven by rhythm. I write like rather than hooks or lyric. He's thinking about how to establish a groove and I think that's one of the things that really defines Lewke put it the. There's a really clear tame impala sound. Yeah I think that's one of the places we identify. I definitely sense that nothing. He doesn't spend time and he's lyric and melody but it definitely feels very lucky. Said it comes with the Bass and the drums minutes definitely mean we even fell into the last couple of albums like it's so important to have that down on a lot of things that go down really well live now have started from playing as a band or like starting like what. What groove or Rhythmic pocket a we missing on this album and then we go in and try and do that and then we'll do like a lyric military of the top lyrical melodies. More important to me in particular. I think also the band anyway but taking whether it was from hearing town follower just kind of like I don't know trying to fill those rhythmic gaps for us. It's definitely something we've thought about more and more. You know the rhythm drives this track but then there's some really moving lyrics like will I be known and loved? Is there one that I trust?.

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