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It's fifty five degrees, we should hit a muggy high of seventy eight today, so on Friday, we get the news that President Trump dropped his plans to put tariffs on Mexican incoming Mexican goods. So what's in the agreement? What's the reaction thus far? Let's check in with Michael Barr from a twenty four seven network. What am I going, good morning, Ronn? We're still trying to figure out what's in the deal as you look at it. We are, we are clear on the plan tariffs that was supposed to be applied today for Mexican goods will not go into effect in. It's technically on hold. It's not that they've been removed at all. That at this point in time it suspended. So the Trump administration reserving the right to if Mexico doesn't move forward with the promises possibly apply these terrorists down the road at some point in time. But President Trump reacting over the weekend angrily suggestions, that is agreement with Mexico concluded on Friday is not in fact, new, and that it would do little to solve this other border emergency officials from both countries telling the New York Times that the concessions, that had been greet upon were agreed upon by our neighbors back in March. And at this meeting, the President Trump, or at least administration had with the Mexican foreign secretary this past week, we're meant to just pressure. Mexican leaders to avoid the tariffs by working faster to fulfill their end of the March bargain originally with that they had deployed or agreed to deploy troops back in March only about a thousand of them to the southern border by may so in talks last week that country agreeing to send more troops than it originally planned, and is now setting station about six thousand members of the national guard around the country, which may be the only new. The real element of this deal. All right. Michael Barr from a twenty four seven that we're thanks very much. Michael. Good morning, to seven minutes after six o'clock sodas decision is really want to put it on hold for ninety days. That's what it sounds like a reprieve for American consumers who buy everything from avocados to appliances that come from Mexico. So in the agreement Mexico agrees to take on president steps to reduce illegal crossings from its border specifics. Unknown, also agrees to keep more migrants on its side of the border. While their requests to enter the US or processed, Mexico, reportedly, also, agreeing to deploy six thousand national guard troops to border duties and the suspension of tariffs ends for now. We're growing concern and outcry against tariffs that included even some Republicans in congress, congress, giving some pushback as we talked about last week, they threatened to block the president from imposing them so tariffs on Mexico, really suspended. All right now, completely pulled off the table, but there's breathing room. The disaster relief Bill finally got through. So does this suggest to you that real work is being accomplished despite all the hot air? That's going on back and forth in DC, finger pointing name calling only twenty eight percent of you said, yes. Well seventy two percent of you said, no today's poll question, how old is too old to be president or for that matter? How young is too young. The candidates now in the running for the democratic presidential nomination. They range from Bernie Sanders, who's seventy seven years old all the way down to Pete Buddha. Gauge boot 'age, who's thirty-seven President Trump seventy-two, which means he'll be seventy seven at the end of his second term, if re elected question, do you think it matters less though? Now that so many of us are living to such a higher age. Agreed or age. That's the question. Is it going to be a big point in, in this upcoming election likely likely? But what do you stand on that? Do you think it matters less now the age of candidate for president, because so many of us are living to a great old age? You can log onto NewsRadio dot com and let us know how you feel about that. And if you wanna leave a comment, go to the Facebook page for the program. We'll have some of your comments coming up on Friday question to as the morning progresses. US Catholic bishops, we'll discuss sex abuse by clergy at a conference that's happening this week is FOX's Mike Piazza starting June eleventh, the United States conference of Catholic bishops convenient Baltimore, the convention focus sex abuse allegations, and how to deal with those allegations, and the possible inclusion of lay Catholics, and secular thirties to confront the crisis pressure on the bishops coming from two directions, longtime church, critics, and church insiders who doubt the bishops capability of him laying the crisis on their own Catholic church facing similar charges for decades with increased security over the last year after a Pennsylvania grand jury report listed hundreds of cases of alleged abuse. Mike Piazza, Fox News. Six ten NewsRadio nine twenty.

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