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To the spiritual shows highest. I'll maybe this is what happens. And the reason. I'm so we get it out. There is in this restaurant right and not people have chat fucking this and we hear american guy loudly ordering juicy one sauce. Yeah this what's happening these. Yeah of course that's all. I knew this happening. It's all the needs because everyone knows who this count is is the and you just need to acknowledge it. Yeah smelling a fart in an elevator. Can i check him guy with this big katy it contextual contractually context louis joking is all about context context bell and intention and context in. We used to do that. Asian in junior high would go to what i can't hear you don't worry al finger it out that's okay it's all right. Is it true that the brits love word play a little bit more than we do. I think it's stand up can you. I'm assuming you don't do. We're just like but the average but everyone is different. I say every floor is it averaged. Nigel we say he's our average. Joe bloggs is not guy taking this because it's at this turned it off. It's my apollo. it's a wearable. He's what i find interesting. You tell me this There are things some stand ups can do in some and annoyance will for example there was a guiding naming. These are very very good standard. Excellent up but he looks like a professor. He's got glasses and these toll sort of has the look of a teacher and he's very clever and he stuff clever and it's brilliant one of the greats. He did a show about sex about his sex life with his ex. It was a really good show. Technically very funny good. Jason people didn't like it because they were like unlike you talking about sex. I get it because you're a professor. Yeah anyone else. Someone else could do that. Same show and it would be amazing. Isn't that you're offending us is that we are doing sex stuff. I'm gonna join you. Go anthony jessil neck yes Who else not so much What's the what's the british won. The british Jimmy car jimmy car- way. Now you're gonna laugh why had not so much and then there's The other one. There's another kind of guy i'm embarrassed. I can't remember his name. It doesn't matter. They're all good looking right. They're all good looking. They're all well dressed good looking and they get up in there. How many did babies. You know what i mean and you're just like and we go that's okay because he's a babe and not to make you uncomfortable. You have to look that you could get up and be really filthy. But if i do it. It's not the same. You don't wanna wet clammy lithuanian. Being like dead babies like we want you to go that because we go look at this guy. He's all right ahead because he's handsome and he's handicapping himself in what. Actually that's a bad theory. What do you think it is when i go to say one is. Your dog is an anti cart because the dog is fit so good looking dog. Yeah but he's ivan's his madness. I kill babies that's right. Secondly dog is now renamed jesolo. Secondly you've come in. I'm no good liquid. I say. I wish you talk about sex. I talk about sex. i'll get. yeah bono. You talk about sex hilarious. I yeah that's that's interesting. I just mean like the real hardcore guys. I talk about sex. But i mean the real guys that are going to be like and then. She died from alzheimer's as the punchline. And you're like wow but if you're like a real babe for some reason like not for some reason like i don't get it. I'm just saying when a short bespectacled kind of off centered looking man goes onstage. He sort of traditionally speaking Has a different menu than the tall good looking fit guy. Yeah and sometimes the tall good looking fit guy tries to do the self deprecating or the every man. And everyone's like stop it come on you to fit to fit for this. That's a good name for it to to fitful. but it is. Yeah okay but his mom is. The thing is is interesting. we'll we'll freedom mentioned people. You wanna year standard. You're not his. You want to explore all the sides right you wanna be able to say i wanna talk about shit. You might not let me talk about. This guy was very frustrated. He was like this. Is the stuff i've been doing it as wanna talk about the professor guy professor guy right and i i got it. I was it was the show called his ex life. I want to talk about my ex. Life was basically betting that bit of wordplay saw some tickets buttons and seats. He's his ex. It's not a good time no bad. It's not terrible but he couldn't do anything has he. Looked like a prophet and nfl. Said and i wonder if there's a way round it but why i've discovered standup is. I can't tell jokes. people people will accept me. I come right. Jake's really but people were nice have me tell a joke as in one line is a gi. It's true personal really off if i'm going to joe. Let me let me ask your favorite opener. Because you're coming out. And i don't mean to make you uncomfortable but when i told val that you're coming. She started fanning herself like like. I said who sexy the sexy person. I blanked went to bobby brown. You would fatty.

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