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Global sports Dan O Killian and bupe staying at PSG It did surprise a lot of people to say the least Doug and he spoke at a press conference today The first time since he shocked the soccer world by snubbing around Madrid and signing that new three year deal to stay in Paris he says the decision was not financially motivated although many have speculated that the actual reason why says it's based on the direction of the club Now reports say Madrid felt that they had in papi's word that he would leave Paris at the end of his contract on June 30th to join the La Liga winners What a day at the French Open major upsets going down the first round four time Grand Slam winner Naomi also got falling in trade sets of American Amanda anisimova Meanwhile last year's winner both singles and doubles two C barber crud jacoba loses in three sets of Diane Perry Did not play the three months leading into the open due to ninja ride elbow Also in the women's draw 5th seat Annette come to make knock down trade sets but of course the hottest tennis player out there right now top CD has no trouble moving on to the second round Looking at the men's truck tops you know that Djokovic advances in trade sets as the 5th seed Rafa Nadal Eastern Conference Finals resuming tonight in the NBA the Boston Celtics hosting the Miami Heat down two games to one Miami though battling injuries Tyler heroes not gonna play due to groin injury Jimmy Butler though will be in the lineup NHL playoffs starting down the east two time defending Stanley Cup champion ten bay lightning their home for the Florida Panthers 5 minutes ago in the first period Tampa leaves that series three games to none look at a finish it off I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update all All right thanks very much for that Dan We do have markets opening at the top of the hour in Tokyo Sydney and Seoul futures pointing to a mostly positive open here in Australia we're looking at upside of about a quarter of 1% We're also going to be talking a little more about the energy crisis facing the globe particularly in the face of rising temperatures there are concerns that not going to be enough energy supply to.

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