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The writer maxwell anderson had written a stage comedy entitled outside looking in based on a novel by jim tally about the lives of hobos the leading role of oklahoma red was played by charles pickford but the play also go for another red head in a supporting role that of little red word was sent out that anderson and his produces including eugene o'neill will looking for red headed act as luck would have it there were only two available performers around of the time a struggling actor named alain bunce and another name james cagney hackney waited outside while bunce red for the producers and then took his time while he wasn't overly impressed with his acting talent the producers were and signed him to star in the role on the spot i see michael the role because my hair was rather than his the jimmy later despite the fact that he never attempted anything this serious before he found the dramatic acting hang naturally the dramatic critic writer and wit robert benchley wrote after seeing in early performance missed the kcna in a less spectacular role than that of the lead him the big for it makes a few minutes of silence during his mock trial seen something that many a more stylish act might watch with profit burns mantle the it's a critic for the daily news stated that charles big with mr james cagney do the most honest acting now to be seen in new york i believe the john barry most effective performance of hamlet would be a mere feast of elocution if compared to the characterize ation of our the mr big for don't miss the kcna both of whom are unknown on top of the plaudits the job paid handsomely two hundred dollars a week and gave jimmy fivemonths months employment enough to support bill through her current working drought and to further feather their nest.

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