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SIM, Leland Conway, I was tardy. Dave. Live at Dave. You've got your exercise. How far did you run? Far enough. Newsradio eight forty w h s we have breaking news. Actually, I was one of the things that was distracting me. Mitch McConnell has made a major shift and has announced that the Senate will vote on the criminal Justice reform Bill. So what more on that coming up this hour, also which which holiday is more important to spend more money on Christmas or your anniversary? But right now. She is absolutely adorable. She one America's got talent. Her name is Darcy Lynn farmer, and she's got a special out. I believe it's on NBC tonight. You'll hear this and much much more Darcy land. How are you? I'm great. Okay. So you wanna America's got talent? And you're a ventriloquist how in the world. Did you get into that? As I a hobby. And now now, you know, you're a big star going all go all across the country. How did you get into this? Well, I met a girl who given quiz them and. Wanted to try. I was in awe, and I really wanted to try it. And so I taught myself how to do it. And then ask when are there? That's awesome. And I was watching a little bit of of of you perform last night. And I came across this one the character that you have here is Katie the yodeling cowgirl, I'm gonna play a little bit of this for the listeners. And so that they can hear a little bit of how you do this. I mean, pull it up. Hold on. Just a second my computer's not cooperating with me at the moment. First of all, Kate, Katie the yodeling cowgirl. How did you come up with that character? Well, my very first share and. I I guess. No, I I knew I should yodel. I knew I could yodel I wanna cows relaxing yoga. And so I just kind of created a calendar about. Really? I love it. Here's a little bit of that..

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