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In whole whole. Yeah I've One night it's popular to say gotTa Download Take One night. I was sitting by my bed and I just had this flash of Dr Linda's fivefold path to bliss so the first step in a path to bliss as you got to eliminate what's irritating us you know we just don't keep putting up with what's bad now. Maybe it's a relationship that you can't get out although so then maybe you need to go to al-anon or something learn how to be co dependent but if you can't get rid of something that's irritating you will then accept you accept what you cannot change And if you can't move away from it and then from that acceptance comes a whole new new level of peace within your body so I you want to eliminate what's irritating you then you want to nourish yourself and we're talking Dr Searle but these different ways that we can nourish ourself right. which she gone with meditation with Music Touchy with just taking his drink of water utter singing laughing being community being alone by yourself drawing writing relations so many things thanks to do and physically you know eating the right foods etc and then you out in nature absolutely? That's right very significant uh-huh. She's very significant. Yeah so do you want to nurse your body want to get comfortable in your body. You talked about. She could have some of my fat. Well he'll love your fat. Yeah you just want to be happy with your body you know and get comfortable in your yourselves the way you are yourself the way you you're not you know. Each one of us is perfect in our own being We all have our I see that the media and the way ah the standards are sometimes out. There are not realistic. Hello Yeah women are so damaged by that. I once read there. Was this study with little black girls and they would show them a picture of a little white girl and little black girl. They ask them who is prettier and they always pick the white girl. He's just heartbreaking the way we're conditioned in our culture sill step number four in Dr Linda's five hundred beds at bliss is to use your natural resources so just smiling now we can smile a social smile and that doesn't change our physiology realty but if we smile where we ally is actually and you earn those smile lines that you've got your hormones actually changed change. Your body starts to produce happy hormones so the smile and then just checking into your heart. Most of us have an experience of loving something or someone beautiful scene in nature or someone who is dear to us or a pet or like you're saying loving ourselves I haven't I love you practice. I just sometimes say I love. Have you lived that self acceptance might my thing is writing on your Mir. I love myself unconditionally and leaving it on for at least a month offer or this great thing I learned in Eft. Even though I say have more weight on my my body than I want I totally love and accept myself. Even though I had a fight with my kids this morning I totally loving Kevin except myself. Even though I had a little road rage I totally love except those kind of things and then our sexuality polity feeling or sexual energy. I read a MS magazine. One time the twenty five percent of people want nothing to do with sex so you. I'm not saying this is for everybody to five person. Yeah isn't that amazing though. I don't know if that's because they were abused in some way. You know whatever. There's a lot of that. Certainly that goes on but just noticing that feeling food fire that can be in your sexual palace. If you think of your sexual pass you take your thumbs and you your index finger and put them together you put your thumbs comes in your belly button. And then we're you stretch your fingers out that your sexual palace feeling the vibrancy of the energy there and letting it percolate up into your body itself Oh healthy and renewing for ourselves so that's four and then step number five is to love and accept yourself as well as others to treat yourself as well as you would treat. Yeah so simple right. It's so hard to do on some level ask there's layers. We all have layers of peeling away right the bad programming ramming or You know just the bad experiences we've had maybe we couldn't exactly he you know deal deal with it and we put into the polar bear. We couldn't take it off right away so you know it's it's a process exactly ackley. I've been reading this book written by William Least Heat Moon. He lost his job as a teacher in the college because the enrollment was down on and so he decided to take a trip on the blue roads. The roads weren't freeways going through roads weren't going through big cities for rather rose that we're going through towns and one of the places he stopped was a Trappist monastery in us very interesting to me. You know his question to the guy who met him at the gate was. So what's your call. How come you do that? He said to spiritualize. It's stupid to talk about it either. Live it or you don't and he said if you stay the night maybe you'll find one of the brothers who will talk to you about it so he ended up. One of the brothers came in and said I understand you so you know wondered why people do this and so he talked a bit and he talked about how as his spiritual life to Valla that he became team he moved into more parts of himself and those parts of himself. These onions that you're talking about these layers as he. He was going in in layers to different parts themselves that they got more connected and has he became more whole he can actually let go of himself more and be more of the world now for me. When I think of being of the world I think about the news that my sweetheart's lights listen to incessantly you and I don't WanNa be a part of so for me? Instead of thinking about being part of the world I think about connecting with the divine nature. Yeah so as we the the news and weather maybe but I I will read. I mean but I know it's all going on. I know that there's so much I don't evil. I don't know what you know. Label Bad Unhealed behavior in every direction so anyway we have to protect ourselves to be also an example. Something else that I learned Little News Clipping from a magazine article that I was reading and I remember it was but it was an Italian person who got a Nobel Peace Prize and he talked about the universe. If we look out into the night sky we think peaceful sparkling stores and serene and everything but he said if you were able to see with x Ray Vision. You'd see that there's a tempest out there in the universe. There's chaos the things are colliding and and when I when I thought of that when I thought of sort of the envelope that we're in you know it Kinda gave me more compassion for us as human beings. You certainly have a long way to go but also just dealing with all of that chaos. It's in the universe is destabilising so and a lot of and people just don't have th they haven't learned the tools down and how to deal with in a healthy way man. So that's what I pray for is is for the all the planets the universes people can become all and healthy in happy. Yeah his life short. That's right life is short. My goodness you know. We're almost at the end Linda. There's only in like two minutes left. So is there any. I mean you have given a beautiful plethora of tools near and insights insights that I totally thank you for sharing. Is there anything else you'd like to say while so we can close. Yeah absolutely you know. One of the major things that produces health is vegetables your mother. Hopefully your mother told you to eat vegetables Love I should be stuffing ourselves first full of vegetables. We should make sure that we get good. Clean water to drink our sleep. It's very important for us to sleep at least seven and a half hours to nine hours Depending on when the sun goes down in the Sun Goes Up. So we're getting more. Sleep is very important and then just remembering that exhale. Breathe out of your mouth or you don't have to be so visible it longer. Exile then you do inhale and then the other thing is the smile just that little sense of an inner smile. Smiling ailing into your body Montecchi says smile into your body until your body's smiles back at you so those are sort of the fundamental things that I would say try remember and try to keep bringing yourself back half forgiveness particularly In holiday seasons when people are celebrating. You know you might eat the ways as you want. We'll forgive yourself and that helps you to get back to the path that you want to walk and directly. I think that the most important thing and of course I'm speaking for myself and I've had conversation. Manny conversation is being grateful. Absolutely thank you. Thank you for saying that very important. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your wisdom and beauty thank you. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. 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