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He knew the dogs are crazy said look if we're gonna live together than i need you to address this crazy dog issue bad behaviour peeing pooping everywhere eating stuff six months into this living together dynamic cohabitation nothing that no change no initiative to give training or help the problem what do you think i understand why balga friends i bet oh thanthank hair i couldn't get through a larger issue and that is that he doesn't care very much about this feelings and i don't think he wants to live with somebody who's is look having p and who in their house i think it's growth where else in her life that she slacks on things like like i was on the floor too bad i got her battered is always weirdos very strange thinks he doesn't use litter which very inconsiderate thank you michelle he ashley ashley stay or go for doug what he leg i honestly think he might need to go one because i know i think is looking for reasons to get out of it but you know finally how jane was saying you know we treat their dog bit of of house you might like raise kit that's sort of a lack of inconsistency and a lack of wind to put the effort in to be like a responsible dog owner except for schools now what do you mean what they need to go school i'll get around doing away bitter because they know now the the peanut who in everywhere so as my bubba says dirty house equals dirty vaginas live from the labour open are was news breaks what are we ourselves fables baba's fatal our live alder hey epa henrik bork dis dare go what do you think men uh i say he is years go i mean i don't they used to go but i think he teaches ends weighing recap what you said today i think he should i think he should go i mean i.

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