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Chase followed by a serious crash has shut down eastbound highway five twenty two in Snohomish state patrol trooper Heather axeman says a driver was flying down the road at one hundred miles an hour to get away from police and slammed into an SUV are doing our best to open that in a timely manner. However, it is a felony investigation. Therefore, it's going to take a little bit of time the suspect in custody for behavior salt while the victim now at Harborview was serious injuries. We'll get the traffic impact from that. In just a few minutes gig harbor police say they found no evidence of wrongdoing after investigating allegations that radio personality Casey Kasem, daughters were responsible for his twenty fourteen death gig harbor police chief Kelly says the investigation didn't find any evidence of a crime the longtime American top forty hosts died at age eighty two at a hospital in gig harbor police opened the investigation last month after caissons wife Jean submitted a private investigators report, claiming her three adult stepchildren were responsible for cases, demise, the pool. Police chief says the investigation found Casey Kasem received appropriate care and no evidence of collusion between family and doctors a holiday crisis at a New Jersey school Friday when a teacher started debunking Santa in front of a class of first graders. WCBS reporter Mark Rosenberg was a substitute teacher in montville at cedar hill elementary school in a class full of first graders, the principal notify parents before school was out. But this mother who didn't want her name used tells me it was just as surprising to her as it was to her daughter who wasted no time telling her when she got home today. And you know, what she calls it. This is not real. It's not really. But apparently, the sub didn't stop there..

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