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Think you have to see everything while it's happening. But I now listen to podcasts while I'm lying in bed and reminds me when I was a kid, and my mom there were six kids in our family. We are all in different rooms, I was in one of I was in a room with my my two brothers that were three of us, and my mom would put on records and she'd put on like a Bob Newhart record. We've listened to comedy records, and we would fall asleep, and it was someone telling his story. And so just having that in your ear having something in your ear inn year, filling it in is lovely when we get that all the time people saying, you know, you don't know me. But I feel like you guys are my best friends. It's because people obviously listen to podcasts when they're working doing stuff that I want to do when they're alone. On. So they are having experienced that like whatever the actual experience. We had when we were recording it they're having this then third party experience. It's kind of like filling up a part of their day that either they to dread it's a commute or it's work where it's making work better. And it's like, we we get all this credit when people like it so much, and it's also like you've made my commute go by so fast, or whatever it's like, we're just benefiting from the byproduct of people being able to be in their head. And it's not a visual medium. Well, I also think that you're making connections with people, and you I'm sure you've seen this. You've I'm sure you've done live shows. Yeah. Yeah. And you see when you do a live show people. Come and they have this connection to you too. Which is might flip you out. But they've been building that connection because it's extremely intimate when someone's talking to you, and they're listening to you sometimes in intimate situations like people are lying in bed or in their in their car alone. And I do think that there's something. There's a reason why podcasts they may not, you know, more people may watch the Grammys, but their connection to it is not that deep whereas people that connect to what you're doing. And how you're talking and what you're talking about. It's this mine shaft that goes really deep much deeper than other kinds of entertainment. I think that's what's really cool about this. Yeah. Yeah. I think when they say, I feel like I know you. You you're my best friend. It's like we're doing it. Right. And then you totally know us, you know, everything about me when I listened to you. I feel like I know both of you, and I'm very angry that makes sense you're two very good friend who betrayed will not let you talk. No matter. What you say? I keep talk. My listen to you guys. I keep talking and you're not talking back. We're Rudini become an array. What we're like in real life. Yeah. I actually used to have that where I was there's a couple podcast. I was obsessed with in the beginning. And I would fall asleep listening to them and then have dreams where it was standing at a party. And the the people who have the podcast would be talking and I keep going. Yeah. But like literally trying to break into a conversation for the entire dream. That's when you're like, you need a podcast where I haven't when I listened to podcasts fall asleep. When I wake up I realize I fell asleep during the podcast, which is fine because you wanna go to sleep. But then I have to go back and find out around where I lost. And that's really hard because I'm like, wait a minute. I think I remember this part. I gotta go further back. It's I slightly familiar. Exactly. Yeah. Sleep timer, man. That's leap timer function. Oh, because I'm you know, you wanna half hour back. Let me give you some technical. Let me tell you guys. This is where the tips part roles, the Spock enterprise at insomnia. So I sleep with. Yeah. Always podcast, you're constantly. Yeah. Nice murder stories night murder. Murder stories. Well, yeah, jam. Let's here. That's crazy. Lifelong fan. Okay. Tell you something about I have had a an everyone knows about me when I told friends that was coming on this podcast. They laughed. Not derisively not. They just laughed that. It's the perfect place for me to go because my entire life. I've been fascinated with murder and very morbid. It started with the Lincoln assassination. Well, and when I was four you were there. I was there. I know I'm older than you. Ladies. But yes that play was amazing in eighteen fifty. I was a child usher at Ford's theatre. But yeah, I was I was a member we took a a might my dad got us all to pile into the station wagon, and we drove to Washington DC. And he wanted us to see all the sites. I would have been I think six maybe, and we visited Ford's theater, and I was just I couldn't believe that someone got shot there. Let alone the president states. And then we went downstairs they showed. You could see the the gun. They have the bullet in the basement afford Sater. And then we went across the street to the Peterson house where they have the bed. An I was transfixed and just read books about the Lincoln assassination as a child over. And then in my family, they make fun of my brothers. Make fun of me because I always like my visit Hawaii and the big island, and there was some big battle that took place there, and they I was not paying attention, and we're up on a mountain, and I'm not paying attention on the guide said some say this day, if you look closely enough, you can see the bleached bones of the Hawaiian warriors and Iran and leapt leaned over the railing and my dad had to catch my belts the five hundred feet. My brother Luc was there, and he was just he. So everyone's always known that I've been credible freak for murder. And I was embarrassed about it for a while because I know so much about so many different murders. People start to talk casually about a murderer. I know something about and I start to say well. Was the ninth had a Cup or hill come on. And it's interesting. The blood type was be seen. On-scene whatever. And they it's gone to the point where I just finished a tour eighteen city tour in every city if you look hard enough at the right time of night, you

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