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That's a pretty good effort by harvey because you know the steelers have always been known as a hard hitting team anyway i know you know calvin murphy is for greg yeah you know you can do both entertainment and sports now calvin murphy was the player of the year in high school in nineteen sixty seven and he beat out pistol pete he was also all nba so i'm just gonna read this as an eighth grader in nineteen sixty three he won the national championship in baton twirling his reputation as twirler earned him invitations to perform at major sporting events and the nineteen sixty four new york world's fair in nineteen seventy seven at the height of his basketball career for the houston rockets murphy won the texas state men's twirling championships that say greg yeah could've done both yeah you know i really thank you yeah and i did but not really at a high level with the sports you know it's amazing to me one of my very limited memories of spending time with my mother because she died when i was seven years old and i really don't really have much of a recollection was spending time with her at that world's fair real in queens wow i for some reason i can remember being and i believe it was the general motors like we'll of evolution or whatever the hell they called it the for vehicle and i remember sitting in i believe it was a general motors car right it was the my mom i was sitting on her lap isn't it amazing what you remember what you don't restaurant recommendation for you guys on friday when you're in depth doing if you're interested it's called del ponte italian place.

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