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To respond to it it's about chappaquiddick and ted kennedy marcus john carlson i'm wondering if you think that this movie would have been much harder to make say ten years ago when ted kennedy was still very much in power i'm yeah i think there are when you have that little bit of breathing room in perspective and you can kind of look back and there's you know you can analyze something and and i've done stories about the stores that sometimes anytime and passage of time helps put it in context you mentioned in an article offer the vineyard gazette in fact that i have here that as in martha's vineyard martha's vineyard is at the local newspaper locals welcomed you were very helpful that she found no hostility no one has attained talk to you about what happened yeah you know we i mean we expected maybe there would be something at least during production and shooting there there wasn't i mean we shot a day on chappaquiddick island and martha's vineyard and and you know listen it's not those flattering thing it's not like they were like great come on in and they were very helpful and we shot a day a very small footprint and you know i think that that authentic really helped in the film is this movie mark hey documentary docudrama a what if yeah well we think it's really accurate the writers actually use the inquest as their main source of of information to create the script any nothing about it and when they heard the word chappaquiddick they were surprised that there was a word they'd never heard young writers from dallas and and they set off on on exploring this so we try to stay really close to the facts and and and not be too salacious or to to this just really kind of follow that narrative of what we knew so i think it's a fair movie you know on both sides it's certainly not a flattering portrayal of the.

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