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So obviously Yeah as as brett departs us. Because he's got to do another show As you know as we progress in training camp and there's a guy like dak prescott now. Is this the one that you're kind of just like circling saying all right. There's no pressure on him as far as like physical pressure. But it's nice bro. It's very nice to see him back there. Rather than andy dalton or or who who. I think gilbert godfrey is gonna be the backup quarterback. It seems like it seems like it's it's a it's a race between him and cooper rush and when i say gilbert free. Everybody knows i'm talking about you. Know gilbert but Obviously how do you feel about seeing dak prescott out there slinging. Do i think i love it. I mean it's awesome but bat is one of the. My positives is gilbert godfrey gear. Gilbert ha is the fact that i said he's played one game right literally one game against pittsburgh and it was. It was a decent game. We almost won that game. Pittsburgh was undefeated last season and it seems that he is making some really really nice. Plays in camp. You know what i mean. So he's a positive for me. Is i was very you know if he listened to previous podcast finicky about our our backup quarterback situation. I've been begging them to bring somebody in you know because just in case we dak needs breasts or something happens for a couple of games. We need to win games. And maybe you know maybe this is what this is gilbert's colin man. I met you know. Take some you look at. You look at certain quarterbacks right that it takes them a while to learn they can't just jump right in right. What i'm saying. Total great examples. Kurt warner on yeah totally. You know what i'm saying. Cows bagging groceries before bagging groceries before he was wanting walls. Yeah yeah exactly. I met people even like someone like rich. Gannon you look at some of these quarterbacks were takes so maybe he's finally getting it and he got his shot I looked it up and he's dry. He was drafted in two thousand fourteen. Right yeah so he's been around for seven years already and he was the last quarterback taken in that draft which was interesting. I so yeah. But you know he he was he. He dressed for games but he never started until the dallas cowboy game and he left him play another league as well so but him making these kind of plays and having the confidence he has. You know i meant. Hey you know that's that's and that's the thing. Nobody saw him in a game right. The only film may have on him as is the pittsburgh game is a picture game but my thing is like like maybe. There's you know there are certain players that have that game mentality when they get in you know they just stay show out right like they say peyton. Manning threw one of the ugliest bald. You've ever seen you know. But you couldn't tell when he's in a gang man at all. He's one of the best ever doing exactly. So i don't know but anyway. So he's one of my positives Gear gilbert for sure. Yeah the backup. Quarterback position was one of those ones where i was very Very nervous about not addressing. But it seems like they have enough decent players Behind back press. Got to kind of ease that anxiety of if if god forbid something happens the deck again you know we can maybe win a couple of games without him Obviously we don't want that but you know again. You want a decent quarterback and when you say bring somebody in you also have to take in consideration. Maybe there is nobody out there left. You know what i'm saying. Maybe the last one. I can think of right and the only reason i liked him because he could run right. He's a he can move around. You know what i mean so they were. You know he kinda run attack all fence. It's the only one. I was thinking what he went to texas where we went. But you know that person. But one person that i'm laughing at i'm not laughing at and i'm rooting for them. Room for every player by the way but dench denote shamu jar boy. Our cousins our cousin panucci. Apparently he you know. He had a great two miniature. But i'm reading like this is the thing like when you're talking about no contact. It's like oh. He had a great run for thirty. It's like come on. Yeah he would've popped the ball. It's not fair to run against. Especially if you're a quarterback didn't hit quarterbacks in camp there actually and the right and the cowboys finally switched it over with the mike mike mccarthy era they put red jerseys on red means stop. Do not do not so now. You definitely know. He's a quarterback to not lay the wood. But i'm at cooper getting injured is going to hurt him. I mean yeah. I mean and now the three quarterbacks might be going in it will be. I think i think right now. It looks as if gilbert's backing up and the neutral get either third or or practice squad. Yeah we'll see. We'll remains to be seen. How many quarterbacks they take in. But i do know for a fact that and it's funny that we should mention the pittsburgh game gilbert's gonna get a nice little chunk action in that first game against pittsburgh that that's interesting and it's going to be interesting to kinda weed out to see who's who Look it's very early in camp. Were one week deep. But we're the only team in camp right now along with the pittsburgh steelers. And by the way i'm i'm adam schefter saying that Ben roethlisberger came in lean and mean when big old donut tire than he's ever has. I'm a. I'm a good friend of mine and she sends me. She sent me that with the steelers. She goes look the nfl's in trouble or something look like he looks at this beards gone. Nothing's changed me. That makes them look thinner. You maybe maybe it does that does wonders for me. That's for sure. I will say is so the cowboys obviously again. One week in To training camp we've mentioned a bunch of winners or pros and cons From it you know dating back we'll recap the the the cons tristan hill. Francis bernard any kind of injured cowboys right. Now you're you're you're spots grabs. If you're a bubble guy you gotta be careful The dancing we don't like that but again we attribute that to possibly hard knocks of guys kind of showing off for the camera and stuff like that and you know it's funny. I just started yesterday on the treadmill at the gym. i started. there's a. There's a some kind of youtube channel. I don't remember the name of it. But they have in crystal-clear like perfect hd the two thousand eight a hard knock season. So i started watching it just as just for you know but yeah i'm done with episode one. I can't believe how stack that team was. And we didn't perform like i forgot. I forgot tank. Johnson was on that team. I know remember brought up the point where he says a. I've never seen so much talent before and a team. He says that. One of the episodes i remember. Yeah man. it's it's ninety over. It's unbelievable but i know and and you know once again that is the that's the season we started out three. No finish nine and seven. How mr player. I do now. I wanted to bunk the playoffs in era because of the rams the did it last year there on hard knocks. They made the playoffs. So let's let's stop with the whole like curse the knox whatever i heard your other podcast. I other guys talking. And by the way i'm glad fixes mike but He has so look. The cowboys are headed full steam into week. Two of training camp The jersey boys obviously have followed along with blogging. The boys coverage. They're doing a phenomenal job out there. Some of the beat writers are actually out there reporting some videos So be sure to follow those guys But as far as training camp goes man as long as we stay healthy. We'll figure out if they you know what they do it melik hooker if if they bring him in But yeah. I mean look. There's not a lot going on We don't have to drag this on too long today. We'll hold on. We got to want to talk about one more player. Oh go ahead. What's up dude Who i who. I was hard on and we made fun of earlier. Is rainy gregory blown up dude. I've been trying to tell people this until i'm blue in the face. That having him go ahead and he knows dave helming came. And there's another guy tweeting like he's like you need to get number ninety four out of their out of their mike like off the field..

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