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Ferndale It. Was amazing cars came off that first year we got into the couple times that never For Anita Anderson of closing this week has. Provided a unique opportunity to pass along the dream cruise tradition to her seventeen year old niece she fell. In love with the cars and she's all I wish I was born in your time today we. Can all turn the clock back along. Woodward Royal Oak John Hewitt WWE j. NewsRadio nine fifty meanwhile dream cruise fans. Know their cars. Daniel bell cars just seven years old he already. Has his own. Car nineteen seventy road runner convertible even knows the color code of the car Green Arthur big engine Yeah The f. eight is a dark green that was new for the nineteen seventy road. Runner the engine in seven-year-old Daniels is a three eighty three. Dead Mike Bellcore, says they call it mom's, convertible but she unison Daniel know who it's really four once they get restoring it completed their. Son, Daniel we'll have one to match dad sixty nine road. Runner, well there is a really smart way to check out the Woodward dream. Cruise you can take a free ride today on air, conditioned smart. Buzzes they're running on Woodward from eight mile to. Pontiac here's Brandon Adolf, vacant get on at any red smart fast station or stop by should, say and just enjoy the festivities along the route up and. Down we'll work from eight mile to downtown. Pontiac it's totally free to the. Public anyone can get on and enjoy the bird's eye view and look at all the wonderful challengers stingrays, Camaros. Etc we wanna make sure that people are having. Fun they don't have to. Drive they. Can Get to..

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