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A big rendering proctology Appear involved I don't deny that What did you need. Helen Dr lash floater for anyway are? You in our relationship Attractive Now Lee more I don't know Go on I invited. This girl I liked over to my house for a seven. Course meal, she said. Sounds great what are? We having, I said, a pizza the six pack I think seen the problem anyway she. Comes over, it's going pretty well and I. Said I love you. So much I could never live without you my girlfriend giggled. Nest is, that you. Talking the beer I? Said it's, me talking, to the beer You know kind of sounds like a. Storybook romance, and the author is Stephen King Scares me scares me losers Let's. Go back to work people we need you raise, money for the. Practice facility like wild hair you're at. Very thin ice crazy intern he's crazy enter into. Why it's Dr administrator Trump we need civil way to make money out here at the fair and use it to build. Our new. Medical practice setter Iki beautiful Egan Hey hey He didn't finish it in Asia. Crazy entered I'm talking about like to. Call it everyone's gotta get the Minnesota hospital performance, center, into Oh How about juggling bedpans, up gently bedpans performed for the crowds out, there like like at the state, lyric you really affected by? That But, it's a great idea fantastic idea to beautiful. Idea as the. Juggling bed banners play then, we could have the fair go is gem, giant haystack and search for a, real need it'll be fantastic How 'bout we do something, like the crazy maze adventure part only ours will, be an attested and you have to figure. Your way out How about those giant drop balls and all the big abuse parts you mean like the drop of doom at six flags no what you, will, only we would design ours to look like a pair of boxer shorts and and when you enter through the room that says physical boom certainly the giant bats you drop We we could x-ray their wallets on the way in and see you can buy the most in, the, gift shop on the way out Gil I can't believe, you're getting wrapped up and all this nonsense cutting wait a minute cut it out cut it out great idea heaven just like the cheese, carving at the movie booth only we'll give fair goers chance to cut out their favorite body parts from a piece of velveeta Vida I like that and then we could then we deep Brian body parts he's crazy he's crazy but he's brilliant How about instead of. The booze. We have, the flu booth Yeah instead, of the state fair sing along we could have orthopedics department. Put, everyone in a sling for the giants sling a thong oh and. It with the her to cut through societies. Potted plant show we would have? The medicinal potted plants yet Think we could sell I. Can see it now I mean after, I am an optometrist you get it see it now Those. Guys up in the back. I don't like to brag but I, am up to my eyeballs idea News us, let's go into the situation. Room and tape some of these things we were talking about Dr, administrator Trump Dr, administrator that crazy injured we are. Very busy quick Moreau's year, and she wants an immunization you mean immunization You tell them there's a shortage and Michael Cohen got the, last one okay Dr Wendy doctor what what is it. Turn there's a patient? And ER who's who struck in the groin golf. Ball what should I. Do Tell him not to play. It where it lies From the, state bear Minnesota hospital is sponsored by a medical Radio I, forgot to. Tell you, who was playing the parts the great Tim Russell of course Dr Mike Lynch who struggled a bit with his lines today after the big render deal They weren't all. Written, as Mike delivered him today and then sweet Martha. Was. Here she was Helen said Hartman and Mike max okay there he goes Susan. That's the that's the guilty party house traffic well I'd say revenue northbound looks really good right now Dave this is between thirty five million crosstown but we still have reports. Of debris this is, thirty five w. southbound at Burnsville Parkway and we had that stall vehicle. Ninety four eastbound at Hennepin avenue and another stole. This went over on the right shoulder ninety four westbound, ads.

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