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Johanna konta oh that jordan wanted concept to try the fence so we now is he is talented up until the as isaiah thomas no but he doesn't need the ball as much he's great in pick and roll and then from clarkson in nancy like it's so i i don't know if this is funny and now but i wrote this on twitter that it's so fitting that two former lakers ruined paul pierce's retirement ceremony at nutmeg because clarkson and an ants can consistently changed the game especially clarkson offensively you'll see the numbers made a few 3's was obviously comfortable but defensively he a g guinea gives them length in a perimeter player that can actually guard two or three different position and jordan and andy one thing you talked about he'll try trying on deep rice but that was the first thing that lebrun talked about after the game right was hills on the ball defensive pressure he he's a past and he he constantly is probing and the difference with him and isaiah thomas aside from the size and the fact that hill going to bother you defensively is that from a health standpoint and the fact that he he's not just guarding his man if you watch him and i i went back and watch the the first half after the game just stick really watched it him and clark's that the the guards and the difference was that they really fought through ball screens you saw a couple of steals get in passing lanes in that changes the the style of the game in it instantly gives cleveland you know more quickness in and more versatility defensively so i you know i i i just from a cash when i'm ecstatic like yes at one game they don't have kevin love but they also held three really gets shooters and irving tatum and brown a to a fourteen from three of the these are all positive well i'm also gunness suggest that what you saw was happiness as less or orbit as bob says puppies running in a field happiness it being rid of the guys who they had been playing with you know it's very easy to add the histories 24 hours long in sports forget that that that cleveland went on a run.

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