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Just as many changes. And mostly, those changes have been good. We get lost less often. Technology is making our lives better, but there are traps for each one. So it's great that we have so many shows we can stream, but the fact that the next episode starts automatically is potentially a trap if you don't have the self control to turn it off. Can we close by can I just nudge you to plug your book and anything else that you've got going on? Well, the book is called nudge the final edition and it's about two thirds new rewritten from cover to cover. And we hope people enjoy it because we wanted it to make it fun. Well, it's fun to talk to you and I appreciate your time. Thank you. And congratulations on the newish book. Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure. Thanks again to Richard, and thanks as well to the folks who work so hard to make this show a reality, two and a half times a week. They include Samuel Johns, Gabrielle zuckerman, DJ Kashmir, Justine Devi, Kim Baikal, Maria were tell and Jen poynt. We get audio engineering from our Friends over at ultraviolet audio. We will see you all on Wednesday for an unusually powerful episode, which includes both just an extraordinary personal story and some incredibly practical advice about how to be stronger. That's coming up on Wednesday. Also, I just want to give you a heads up about something special that's coming on Friday, as you know, we do bonus episodes on Friday. And this week we have a really special bonus. We're gonna be dropping a full episode of a new podcast that you may have heard me talk about. It's called 20% happier and it's hosted by my friend and colleague Matthew Hepburn. And in this episode, you're going to hear Matthew work with a meditation student. It's a kind of mindful eavesdropping where you get to hear Matthew work one on one with a student, and the issue of this student has is one that I think will be familiar to many of us. It's about striking the balance between ambition and peace of mind or calm or happiness. So can you be ambitious and happy simultaneously? You're gonna hear Matthew and his guest explore that coming up on Friday..

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