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So is plenty because I have this conversation now with so many people, I'm very I'm very blessed to say at the point of my life on very comfortable with YM as a person and my personality and everything that I'm doing. But there was a time where I really didn't know myself, and I'd like you said, I really struggle with. Okay. The current might statement, you know, as a fifteen year old high school boy, you know, with freckles and whatever else pimples and whatnot low self confidence. You know, I really found an identity in the military before I joined so I will, you know, spend hours watching every military movie that could get my hands on, you know, most saving private Ryan, you know, Black Hawk Down. You know? I mean, literally everything because I wanted to you know, what who was the time didn't seem good enough. Right. And I want these guys had that that would solve portrayed in film and everything else. And so that's really what prompted me. Join Motech, and it was a struggle. Because you know, it's almost like you don't really under. You have no idea what you're going to be. You don't have you really make it up from scratch. And it as sometimes to wells coming up almost felt a little resentment as well because I felt like I had it's so much harder than everybody else because I was paving pathway that. No one really set for them. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. I you know, it's I was blessed to to have my dad in my life. You know, the whole time in I guess I was getting double servings because he him being a veteran. But it's it makes total sense to me how this vision would start to kind of fill itself in do you feel that the work that you did to kind of create this identity for yourself? Do you think that that's had any long lasting impact on the way that you are now that you're out of the military? Oh, absolutely. When you're younger. It's a struggle. Right. Because you remember that resentments there, you see what other people have, you know, you go to the Cadman people have like they're like third generation at the naval academy. So they're rolling in the plead summer they're rolling in to, you know, their their experiences, and they already have a baseline of what to expect versus me. I put like I was just. I was going. I was just going along. Right. But let me tell you when I started to get out. And I was getting ready for my transition the world just felt wide open. I put like I could do whatever it is wanted to do. And that's what gave me the confidence to go ahead and do the boxing thin. That's interesting. I want to dive into that again later when we sort of talk about, you know, the the life that you live now that I have another question for you. As far as the experience going into the military because we do have a lot of people that are currently civilians that listen to the show, and I think that one I haven't done a very good job of highlighting what the front end of the pipeline looks like so as you were getting ready to go into plebe summer, the naval academy in imagine. The same is true for any service academy that you're gonna go to what was what was on your mind, were you did you have any sense of trepidation or nervousness getting ready for that that initial tidal wave, you know, that smacks over you? When you finally put the uniform on and you got people in your face. So my experience with the military actually started with the naval academy prep school. So you wanna go fast forty year for those familiar with the naval cabinet prep school if you apply to the naval academy and you're not offered on appointment. You still have the option to get appointed to the prep school where you'll go for year. And with you make a certain GPA in meet the requirements. You oughta madly get appointment to the cabinet and the puck school was originally built as a transition for prior enlisted entering the naval academy. So those have been out in the fleet for a few years. Now, they're getting ready to go to the Cadillac will they need your Tom to kinda do some advanced coursework to prepare them for the rigors of a Annapolis. And so they also offer that too..

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