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The a thirty much dissipated still in iraq and livermore eastbound eighty before north flynn elaine now blocked there apparently did slow out of castro valley to santa rita already in the north livermore out to the scene of the crash ready accident south 101 north of woodside two left lanes may still be blocked showing up slowly yet vac to about ralston avenue in belmont vacaville an accident west adf cherry glen that off to the shoulder at a crash and walnut creek north six ad north the north main left lane is obstructed without one getting out of san francisco it's a slow go ride from before cesar chavez on out to the lord neck of the baybridge hazy sunshine high clubs afternoon unseasonably warm as well with highs in the upper 60s at the coast the mid 70s inland increasing clouds with some sprinkles for your thanksgiving dry on friday and a chance of showers on saturday currently temperatures conquered seventy one at seventy three in san jose oakland 66 and san francisco sixty five degrees in lorde lorde wang the day before thanksgiving yes it is tomorrow i'm cook it for 30 as i always do so i'm i'm just here to get some rest before i get started uh thanksgiving is a trying time for families sometimes especially i know was last year last year right after the election the most polarizing election of my lifetime certainly and there were quite a number of of of articles written last year about how people were dreading thanksgiving because there was no way that they could sit down with her uncle who sends them breitbart articles and in angry emails and all caps a great trump is or the other side people residing nowhere to sit listen to that ludwig stopped at my by leftwing hillary supporter cousin is.

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