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Tease out it november tonioli long i feel like it may have popped up on like a google learn pretty long actually like ten paragraphs why do we owe he had one paragraph it's called the gist oh from bill bill who credible okay so the website is bills movie emporium oca dot dot work or what has most recent posting was let me see early talk tv is last posting was december twentieth of 2016 um if he any reviewed audrey and daisy all a good moving the verganza podcast all right just the bill was the podcast based out of i believe los angeles that has been around for a few years now i think we what year with twenty eleven 2011 okay as we had just started this incarnation who we just started unicef along the two left the orange couch so this is our third third phase as the reason i am so murky with my faxes because the film it was just recently cancelled by its host network and then brought back independently wrong that may not even have been the first time the podcast was cancelled changed networks or the like all this means is that there are no dedicated archives of the show nor is there rhetoric repository of information about all geo wanting will say you're wrong oblivious dedicated arca thus my background invoke a bit shady but them be the brakes folks as far as the content here radio goes an episode is usually released weekly running somewhere around an hour to an hour and a half and the hosts are interesting counting brian bishop and their main drawing point is a topfive feature their features they run but to be honest the feature names are irrelevant as everyone of of the features is the same this is the movie i just watched i'm going to talk about it with no real external or internal separating one female from the other that's true from another we could do better with a themes.

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