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I got low blood sugar I need to munch on something. Well. Eight in the movie theater yesterday. Yeah. Doing escape rooms haunted house, like when we go to the haunted hayride me and my friends at at Griffith park. We tried to rent out a whole wagon for ourselves. So, yeah. And then always it's like there's eight spots and then they give you like H strangers. And they're he's like, well, I better put my personality fully on this. I'm going with like professional comedians. We're like we're being low key. And I'm like, trust me, if we're not cracking jokes. You definitely don't need to donkey lips. Just keep your main Europa. It's that time we stopped talking about Long Island to talk about underwear guys. I'm talking about MAC weld in. That's what I'm wearing on my feet and my nuts right now, as we speak, I'm wearing MacWorld and under I only wear MacWorld and underwear and I only wear well than socks where MacWorld and running socks when I ran a half marathon, if that's not a, you know, a voucher for a company that is certainly one. Here's the thing to wear fits, well, I assuming if it's even better, if you're a normal sized person a, my body is freakishly weird I have. No, but big gut small balls as you guys all know, because I say this every time and then to wear fits me perfectly, and I think it will fit someone who has more appropriate undercarriage. I think it'll fit you even better. The double excels fit me. So if you're thick boy, if you're thick king, you can get yourself. Double excels, that, works the MacWorld and sweatpants, cozy af. I wear them on a plane and I look fly in them because they look almost like dress pants. But they're sweatpants. If you could be cozy. But look like you're presentable. That's the dream come true, baby. And also their t-shirts I wear the super tight v neck, one to suck me into dress shirts like at weddings and stuff..

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