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Some peace of mind cause your friends don't facts and if they don't no friends of mine that is courtesy of robert cunningham thrilled to be joined as always by my co host. Mr miles now batting in the homerun derby from north hollywood is show gray. Smoke tiny That just came off in my mind. Because i saw that book and dumb stephen a smith clip just now and fucking choker. What did he says he was out here. Questionings like is it good for baseball to have the number one face basically saying like shohei ohtani uses an interpreter. Is that good for the sport that he doesn't speak english. Yeah like. I'm straight xenophobic nonsense. Yes so i'm like you know he stays shown his it won't miles. We are thrilled to be joined in air. Third seat though one of the very kings culture self ambi nominated podcast hosts writer producer actor voice artist. And as i mentioned last time. One of my favorite singers. He's such a good singer mile. Said he won't even sing his aac as when this man is on. Strategic strategic counter to smart is smart will he is the brilliant and talented jiechi clock amend my drought trump. kim full jackie's. I gather real printed creative. Pretty girl says neal in for me build up paulo anticipated. Good still keep you waiting. I got plas- to keep my fans and places they never seen girl. You know what i mean. What up nigga was I just thought it at the top down malvo quality. Is you know. I just clearing tear from my eyes. Tell y'all man. Let me tell you what i realize right before i started to Record is that. I gotta take a shit man and let me end dona. Podcast take russia's your russia's everything. Yeah but i'm gonna hold it for this thirty five minute episodes very young man has been giving me the rapid up signs start talking in these streets. His past a new. What is new. Not as new. i had. Thanks for having me as always guys good to be back with the duo. The dynamic duo. Yea last time i saw you guys you were hosting the or a hosted appreciate the nba. So yeah yeah well. How's he did not. I'm not going more prophecy. All deserve an accurate actor. A some of the randomest people saw that shit. Like i know my dad's agent was like. Yeah he's like. Hey great stuff out stuff out. Why a basketball coach agent. You know he probably has something nominated jokes. Those that was supposed to be funny right mash miles. You are coming to us from a new locale. Is that correct. Yes currently i'm I'm like mace one of my favorite mumble rappers. And i'm spending time in w. a. i You know shot up to to hawaii gang. Whose blessed me with recommendations and all kinds of information and you know just just trying to keep my head low not trying to be one of these terrible mainland intruders but unfortunately there's a lot of people come in hawaii now but yeah it's it's a wonderful time wonderful. You got the hook up. You have like a place to stay. You cannot nose day plus in this age of working remotely. You know her majesty. Is we look forward to our lives. Know taking the next phases of matrimony possible families and things like that relate being able to do something like this will be somewhere in and work. Because i've never worked. I mean aside from the lockdown. I've never had the the flexibility to work molly. So you know taking advantage f for a little bit advantage of and you know what man go do all the tour's shit go do it all i. You know what's wild this shit. Is this so fucking like pop and right now. You can't go fucking anywhere quite because you want to impact. Yeah it's to pakhtakor and if you even want to go to a tour something like that like to go see like the ranch where they shot drastic park that should is booked into mid august mid august word. I'm going to september. So i'm about to start making my reservation an hour literally. If you have any idea any plans book all your shit. Now i fucked up and all the mobile and now i'm out here being like polka food land again and just to cover off on a question that is on. Everybody's mind since you mentioned the mace verse miles. Can you please stop smoking. La jianghuai try a podcast. I'm okay ooh miles with the lyrics. Y'all lyrics puff daddy one of my favorite lear. All-time great one of the greats to ever do it. All right jackie's didn't get to know you a little bit better in a moment first. We're going to tell our listeners. A few of the things we're talking about. We're talking about relief. We're talking about. Not charles branson richard branson going to space and it was. It was perfectly timed. The headlines were perfectly timed for the apocalyptic movie that we all find ourselves in because at the same time. America was nearing the high temperature of all time. Which you know. Don't say we can't. We can't do anything. We set our mind to death. Valley was within a few degrees fahrenheit. we'll talk about cpac. We'll talk about the racist football backlash to the euro cup laws. In england weather friend zone is the best zone all of that. Plenty more but i. What is something from your search history. That's revealing about who you.

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