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Click on the register for free button all right. So what's the big news. It is with great pleasure that announced that how to create the R.. Dot Com has been acquired by humanized technologies Yup those guys behind the views views plus interviews views Xsara VR cameras. But before I tell you all the details let me share with you. Why created this website as you know a huge believer of VR and AR? We are in its future in both our personal and professional lives I started how to create the R. Dot Com about two years ago after I put on the OCULUS rift. It blew my mind. I and my brain started going into overdrive thinking about how creators keys. VR In a are to create awesome user experiences. That moment was when I decided to create. They meet up in a podcast around. VR focusing on creators. And I wanted to call it. Hard to create VR. I launched the side how to create dot Com to promote that podcast end. Meet up after that. I decided that I wanNA creators to find out more about the various technologies and tools available to them to create VR ar beyond unity and unreal unreal. That's when I started creating tutorials on these various tools in came up with the tagline discover learn create. I wanted creators to discover all these great tools also learn how to use them and then go create the our experiences finally at the end of two thousand eighteen. I decided to move the meet up from a physical place to virtual so reality in our space. VR So that's where we are today selling. My baby was not an easy decision to make. Is I care a lot about it. The VR creators are visited daily in its growth growth however back in November two thousand eighteen. My wife became sick and was Internet apostles in April of this year. We were told she had cancer. Luckily the cough accounts runtime. Sometime in with the chemo treatment. She's going through. We are hoping that everything will turn out fine however because of this my focus and energies are completely and taking care of her. My kids in working fulltime job. Also because of this situation and the fact that I didn't one how to create dot com to suffer from my lack of focus on it. I started looking for a great partner. That could take care of my baby. This is where Jim Malcolm. The chief marketing officer at humanized technologies came in. Jim and I have known each other for a while. Now he's genuinely nice guy that really cares. VR The industry MVP creators. As much as I do we started talking about the synergies between humanize technologies and how to a creative dot com earlier this year and well as they say the rest is history. I know that Jim along with his team. Humanize technologies will not only take care of how to create the R.. Dot Com as much as I did but their vast resources will be able to take it to the next level. I'm currently involved in helping them through the transition but as of October fourteen two thousand nineteen. I will no longer be involved in the site. However I'm happy to announce that I will be their first guest on the next episode of the mccreavy are Dot Com podcast with their new host? I Jim Malcolm also I am not giving up on Vr. Is I own an OCULUS. Quest employed almost daily I'm also a big pusher VR. In the enterprise and I'm still involved in the creation you know. VR experiences in my current job from the bottom of my heart. I WANNA thank each and every one of you for sticking with me all this time throughout the past two years sending up to my sight watching all the content and for believing in Vr. And Its power as much as I do. It's been a truly awesome right. I still remember the first day I put on the OCULUS rift back in two thousand seventeen and my heart was filled with joy and how my mind started thinking of how great the future of competing was going to be. I still feel like that today. And and can't wait to see how VR AR evolves. If you want to stay in touch with me please feel free to email.

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