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Being overcome by it CBS is Holly Williams has more from Venice Italy they call the office what how easily all high water and it often happens in winter the DC area it is much worse than usual the regional governor he is calling it a close up off of the disaster when cities build for the is a fact of life Venice floods dozens of times every year with the Venetian save these isn't normal moon not told us her family's five still was what the Sierra I just to much in a city that earns a living from it's gorgeous views and the tens of millions of tourists who come to see them every year this inundation is a disaster said mark's square was already a tourist attraction when it was captured by the painter Canaletto three hundred years ago this was a perfect storm very high winds up blood and a city that's mostly four to five feet above sea level but experts say what's making things worse here in Venice is climate change and rising sea levels said mark's basilica its structure dating back around a thousand years has flooded just six times in its history but twice in the last two years this flood has cost hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to a jewel of a city so precious it's a world heritage site Venice has been building flood barriers since two thousand three at a cost of billions of dollars for the project is ten years behind schedule I have been plagued by allegations of corruption Holly Williams CBS news Venice some Royals.

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