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Field because that that's how you have to beat other really good teams and what we've seen by the way in the last two super bowls that they've won against teams in my estimation with more talent in seattle and atlanta they were outplayed them both of those games four three quarters and then a c one or two breaks go their way other teams starts to realize oh god that's brady mbela check on the other side they change their they changed it up just a little bit brady mbela check have the calmness about him and they take advantage i think they've outscored their opponent the fourth quarter of their lester super bowl wins i want to say by 24 points they have dominated those games at the very end after being somewhat dominated throughout the first threequarter so the talent level there are going to be able to get to the post season and now this year a by with whatever talent they have because the coach quarterback it matters come a few weeks i'm going to give you a small thing bella check always defers to kick off when they they win and the reason why he defers he knows that football fans traditionally have been drinking for three or four hours before the game now this is how precise he is he knows they'd been drinking know they've been celebrating so at halftime the first five minutes after halftime they're not is the least amount of crowd noise so he wants to football when the least amount of crowd noise and also after time where he's made adjustments so those are the things that have been constant through the 5 super bowl champions even the two did have loss these things would make new england really really special the rigid minute style hey guys it's a great thank you so much for listening to the first things first podcast but before the show.

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