Terry, Frankie Lind, Francisco discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


Guys that they've just been on an incredible roll since terry put them in that part of the lineup together and you know there's a reason why the michael brantley scenario for the indians was easy in the off season that you bring him back not only is he a tremendous player he's a big impact in that indians clubhouse asks frankie lind or in a lotta ways michael brantley spent his big brother he's been the guy that francisco's gone to for advice michael brantley does it in such a quiet way he doesn't do it for publicity most people don't even know what's going on in the clubhouse with michael far as how he imparts his leadership and his advice but he's just such a stabilizing factor for the ball club not only when he's playing but in that clubhouse that the value of michael brantley is in my mind irreplaceable for the indians all right the as you and i talked the needs are twenty one and twenty one what is the most important thing for the innings moving forward if they're going to separate themselves from the other four teams why i really think it's the bullpen bus ride and you know and i know that sounds obvious but you just you know the indians aren't blowing games late buster they're not staying in game slate they'll get back to sail one run or to run deficit with three innings to play and after the seventh inning there down for five well you're not going to come back again i can't tell you how many times this year buster and if you look at the numbers and the number of runs the indians have given up in the seventh inning is staggering that even though they've given up those runs by the time they ban the ninth inning someway somehow they bring the tying run to the plate even though they were suddenly down for five runs but that'll take toll on a ball club you you just can't keep playing that way and i think we've seen here in major league baseball it's almost like little league six.

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