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Really well lessons for me and i can remind me of unite tummy lawrence tell me nice to me if one what do you remember budget he's very game yes i'll involves scored the winner did he ban the idea the way his face lights up when he goes i played inc i played in this it's just one of those wonderful moments on them the just the fact he was amblin roamed whatever shopping center a street at happened to be the guy you've as it yeah it's it's amazing um a seminal part in the club unda our condolences to his family because they've lost a legend today good shout by you good stuff so there you go that is our podcast for the week you're going to be okay the cotino stuff it seems like you've taken the right attitude i understand the pain that you felt but i think you're a figure on the up with this one yeah yeah like i said it didn't even feel like when steve mcmanaman left i i was i had quite a tantrum when that happened while the other thing too i think the interest in cotino over the summer economy soften the blow like you knew this is inevitable i know you said you were hoping that he would make it to the some yeah i think everyone deep down inside knew that this was coming so you know part of that i think made this a little easier to sit on the football fujin it's the way it works yeah that's the other thing i feel like you know the people who say all just shows at liverpool they're not buying club anymore it's not true all right four sloane and real madrid can make anybody virtually look like they're selling club it's it's not liverpool's faulted they've lost swore as and continue to barcelona it's barcelona i think everyone understand it's not a new trend no they are at the top of that fujian they certainly are will there you go good stuff good stuff i enjoyed it thoroughly enjoyed the great podcast.

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