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Which gave me the perfect excuse to create a bunch of techno loops. Oh, this is yours. German loops. Brilliant righted by me. David Spangler is for a long time. He was working with the find horn institute in Scotland. And if you remember on plus show, we covered this long tail of this community that started around the garden in Scotland, and the garden became incredibly successful because the owners and the curator of the garden would work directly with the elemental spirits of the plants and the land. Yes. And this kind of ties in with like the the Icelandic traditions of where you build roads you work with the mental show, respect to these these entities. So they claim that they will dealing with the element of the elemental consciousness of pumpkins, and I would communicate with your territory king. No, this isn't related title king, but it did. We didn't reference the potato king. When we spoke about that story. Because it was it was the same idea that was an intelligence behind nature and h plant that would growing. They would commune with it because each of them had some kind of sock ability, and I would get instructions on where to plant things, how attend to the God and how to send a tickle thought to sit in pots of their land to create an effect. And it just drew crowds from all around the world because growing giant vegetables. I mean, the things were absolutely insane. I'll see if I can linked to some photos in the show nuts and they're still going today. So one of the members of the organizations was David Spangler and this book techno elemental, I want to lead into this because we have to set up this concept that objects may have an intelligence hands like is that's why I had this tagline at the start of the show that you'll sofa as a psychic velcro to it, which leads to the scary idea that you'll sofa has some kind of conscious. Snus and knows a lot about you. I feel really sorry for some sofas out there. There must be some terrible porn costing catches must be terrible out, just speak about being tracked. You feel violated knowing that you'll. So if you're in a single done, anything Batum us. I first fires of a web, but I don't feel so bad. Well, we'll have to find out the the book that got me into this was a new one from Ingrid federally just came out as called joyful, surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness, and she comments on how today there's a trend to find calm and balanced.

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