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Hazard. The deaths of two children have been reported, the items were sold at numerous stores between 2020 21. Time for a quick look at the top stories we're working on at WTO. A major setback for plans to ease congestion on parts of the beltway and I two 70. A closely watched jobs report due out today could have a big impact on the economy. Great reports are out for how schools in Maryland performed last year. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. Now 6 18. Can we have traffic and weather on the aids with Jack Taylor in the traffic center? Still, these delays early in Maryland, riding in prince George's county on the bottom of Washington Parkway, southbound, your delayed near NASA Goddard riding through the beltway interchange to the crash down near the good luck road overpass that was along the left side of the roadway. Also a little heavier now in Chevrolet. 50 headed westbound, the delay near two O two, rides past Columbia park road You're looking good between the beltways on 95. So far, no delay, two 70, south from Frederick, headed to the lane divide you're looking good. A couple issues on Pennsylvania avenue. Northbound and upper Marlboro after three O one, a reck was over on the shoulder. Now, it sounds like inbound on Pennsylvania avenue in your silver hill road. Word of another crash. You're in good shape, south of town, inner loop looks good. Branch avenue down toward the Wilson bridge. We're a little heavier, topside outer loop now around kohlsville road toward George avenue. Good-looking rides in Virginia right now in the greenway, the toll road, 66 going east, 95 coming north. Everybody headed toward the beltway without delay. 95 south down in thornburg, New York said one 18, crash clean up there. The last of its along the left side of the roadway. Three 95, you're fine, leaving the beltway north up toward the 14th street bridge. We are a bit busier in the district now, just a little heavy traffic reported going inbound on suitland Parkway toward Stanton road. D.C. two 95 south, maybe a little crowded as you approach east capital street. So far you're fine on the freeway. Third street tunnel, New York avenue you're looking good. Super pet expo, the DMV's largest pet shopping extravaganza is back, march 17th through the 19th and the Dallas expo center. Buy tickets online at super pet expo dot com. Jack Taylor. Traffic. Some parts of our area seeing some precipitation this morning. Here's storm team four meteorologist Mike staniford. Good morning, Michelle. Sing a few sprinkles of ran around in the Freddy's burger area right now. Otherwise, we are rain free this morning, and there are some few light showers, a little bit of wet snowflakes back in the Shenandoah valley. So some occasional light rain

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