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Course, brought home a world Siri's in 2015 as well Buyer cell. Gordon is the second greatest royal ever. After George Brett. Wow, That is a great question. I really like Alex Gordon and you know, I lived in Kansas City and work the cancer. The starter, and most of his years is beginning. This guy was under massive pressure play. George Brett's position was called the next George Brett was a studded Omaha where they had to play silly it. Yeah, second pick in the draft and was Really, really bad early on, struggled massively. Those expectations were just brutal member being royal spring training and just the way to that thing was very, very real. And he has been great. But the great the second that I mean, no So having I know varying degrees of time there, but all the top my head Zack Greinke, Bret Saberhagen, Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson didn't have a lot of recipes. Gale Sayers think it's a perfect comparison. Gale Sayers didn't play that many NFL seasons, but he defined the game when he did. Bo Jackson didn't get as much time in baseball as in football, obviously, as we had hoped. He he defined and redefined the game while he was there. Frank White is an all timer. No, I don't think Alex is, Although it's interesting. I say that he's not top three. They want a world. I mean, they want world serious. Always. There is a big part of it. It's really close, but I can't put it at number two, but he's worth celebrating. It is a rare thing. We're guys by the way guys on san markets ever, and sports and more. In Kansas City, where they can't keep anybody where you have to choose that. I think that's really, really cool, and I wish him all the best in retirement. Right. We're going to end with some soccer. I'm gonna push this because you've been Hindi and session all morning. So Luis Suarez celebrated the highest levels of CBS sports radio what you're about to do. Luis Suarez, one of the best strikers on the entire planet, was introduced that at Athletico Madrid this morning. Of course, he's moving from Barcelona. He's also one of Leo Messi's best friend's messy, said quote. You deserve to depart for who you are one of the most important players. Club's history, winning things as part of a group and individually not for them to kick you out, as they have done, But the truth is, nothing surprises me anymore and quote, buy or sell. All of this angst will propel messy and Barcelona to return to the top of LA legal this, let's do it by rail. Madrid's not as good as they were. They've already dropped points. The reality is that Suarez was greatly was great, but he's over the hill. Messi's not over the hill, but you cannot have two guys. Even at Barcelona who don't play defense and just sit up there and wait for the ball to come Them is part of the reason teams press so successfully against Barcelona. Suarez. Easy for me having a Barcelona fan for like, two minutes, But now it's time to move on and hands. You thought he'd done, baby. Let's do this all about bars up. I think soccer matters in this country By the way as a topic I think you could get away talking more soccer on the radio kno that I agree with that. And Americans all over the place. You got Geo Raina for Dorfman, 17 years old scoring and looking great Zack Steffen started in goal for Man City yesterday. Grass kid at age exactly Just tow three million euros. Is that right? Yeah, Byron still trying to push. They haven't worked out the exact details. The only thing is politic is still is not quite healthy for Chelsea will not play again this weekend. His return should be imminent, and he's going to feature in a very good Chelsea team. But he's just not quite healthy in Portland, Houston, Alabama had introduced word today about Kansas City like local soccer sells out Atlanta. Lana, You can't go to a Portland game MLS game. You can't get tickets. It's like trying to get great Packers tickets. We still only talk about it for about 90 seconds today. That's it. That's a show. Have a great rest Your Friday having incredible weekend. Thank you, Andrew. Bogus. Thank you. To Tom to Benedetto and thank youfor. Listen, Appreciate you more than you know. My name is Bill Ryder. Show is writer than you will be back here on Monday talking tons of NFL. Thank you again. Really? Thank you for hanging out this year on CBS Sports Radio. We save Sirius Cash with our progressive home and auto bundle and use the money to buy a new boat who's ready to water? This is not a real testimonials. Sure, customers can save big money with progressive but not enough for a new boat. They'll probably spent it on brand or guess money. Or maybe one of those little plastic.

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