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You just outlined I give Biden credit for responding Also a little bit late but not nearly as late as with the weapons supply And strengthening our forces in the ammonia eastern neonatal allies They began to do that in the middle of January They've strengthened that since So they've done that I say I give them a B plus to an a minus for that On the weapons supply they've got a gentleman's seat I'd like to see it get better Russia cut the gas to Poland and Bulgaria ambassador What does that tell us about what else Vladimir Putin is capable of Well he has basically two instruments of leverage One are his nucleus nuclear program which only works if we are frightened and self deterred by it because we have nukes too And the other concerns oil and gas So he can stop the supply but keep in mind he needs western dollars as much as sadly our European allies need his oil and gas But Poland Poland is not the issue Poland can live without Russian gas and oil Unfortunately Germany seems to be able unable to break the habit at the moment Although I think they're taking strides to break it same with the 9 to 12 months Well you know Poland how much does it concern you though about Putin's eyes on Poland knowing that that's where a lot of important supply lines are going in terms of weapons entering Ukraine a lot of refugees going out and you've got American journalists dancing around lviv I realize it's a dangerous place but there's a lot of activity there that has Vladimir Putin's attention Would it not make you nervous to be in Poland right now They're what 40 miles away in lviv Look I think it's unlikely not impossible that Moscow would strike Poland They are not able to achieve their objectives in Ukraine Why risk some stronger response from NATO But you can't rule it out You can't rule out a quote unquote accidental Russian missile arriving somehow in Poland Accidental on purpose maybe to test the alliance But if our leadership is sound we've already discussed this possibility with the NATO And we have in mind a strong response I say if in fact our leadership on this is sound I don't know the answer to that I know what I hope We're preparing for a massive battle in the east which speaks to the weapons systems You say that Ukraine needs as that takes place Do you also support the blinken vision of restoring a diplomatic presence Not just in the country but in Kyiv Of course look while I was a diplomat for 31 years diplomacy can also be riskier times I mean for its practitioners In the mid 80s we had the Iran Iraq War not the one that we were involved in We had diplomats in Baghdad when the Uranus was sending scud missiles into Baghdad We did not pull them out At some point in the late 80s and the early 90s this was when I was in the foreign service we became truly risk averse We need to understand that there are times when American national interests require our diplomats to be a forward presence And this is one of those times Someone suggests if it were not for Benghazi we would have stayed Well it's funny Benghazi was a mistake put our ambassador there in that facility But and then of course he died tragically But there are other risks that we can and should take which we have not And this one is a reasonable risk John herbs does this end with Ukraine as a so called neutral country never to join NATO I don't know the answer to that I believe this will end with Ukraine being a truly sovereign country.

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